The show must go on:

Ellen is amazing.
last night was one in the same category as Billy Crystal's and Steve Martin's.

everything was so perfectly run:
security was tight, i personally held my breath all while Gore was onscreen, i don't dare think what can happen to US if he was shot dead or was blown up on live television.

the whole thing was as diverse as can be, i never knew there were two iraqi/about iraq movies in there. hmm.
now i want to know what was their message.

i strained to understand what Catherine Deneuve and Ken Watanabe were saying, but afterwards they put up clips of Rashomon and Cinema Paradiso (and many other beautiful films) so i can't really complain there. (it was a collage of best foreign films of the past few decades)

Martin Scorsese was decent enough to thank the original source material he copied his oscar-winning film from, and i really respect him for that. (i still can't understand why Bringing Out the Dead didn't garner as much attention as it should have. beautiful movie)

the former Mrs. Tingle shined, and was actually as hot as Jack Black said she was. Meowwwww ^_^

Forest Whitaker: finally more recognition for this truly talented, diverse actor. (and finally redeemed himself from Battlefield Earth)

Departed winning best adapted screenplay? well.. i really dislike remakes, they almost always end up worse than the original. this one being no particular exception.
but it tries, it really tries its best.
its good, sure, but not the END-ALL AND BE-ALL good as many make it out to be, sorta like F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
go watch Infernal Affairs.
at the end of day, remake and everything, this is an entertaining film.

Highlights of the evening include:

the brilliant song and the follow-up by Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and John Reilly :D

Melissa Etheridge
kissing her wife thanking her. Both looked brilliant.

Penelope Cruz
, well, just being Penelope Cruz

Ken Watanabe
and his Kimono-wearing wife. truly classy.
and of course:

more Global Warming awareness.

and Al Gore actually made a funny! Whadda ya know!

Ellen, Ellen, Ellen!

they should bring her again sometime in future shows. this girl had me smiling, laughing, clapping, thinking, and just glued to the tv set following her every move:
she kinda petered out at the end, but this is normal with most oscar presenters.

i immensely liked the crew that did the movie interpretations, esp Little Miss Sunshine and the Departed

The show itself did feel at times it was leaning the Democrats' way, but it was polite, very polite in doing so. (No John Stewart's this time around :)) now THAT was a Blue Oscars night!)

Great Show, Great Films, Great Presenter.
catch it on re-run. or steal it from the net.

only drawback? No visual gags ala Billy Crystal.. that was the best Oscars EVER!
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