Fox Force Five:

:) Rejoice! for now i am about to reveal the five most extraordinary things about me:
(or you can feel sorry for me, whichever way you swing, altho i do recommend the latter)
Anyway, David (thank you very much) tagged me with this eons ago and thus i have to comply, this is the longER version of the reply.

1. once -in college- me and four other guys drove in one of us' VW beetle in a football/soccer field, while a game was being held there..

: It was the summer of either 2002/2003, me and a select few had the pleasure of doing summer courses in college due to us being too lazy to study properly in the real courses and henceforth failed to pass, and had to do them again! and again! and .. you get the picture..

i think it was the day we had our electronics lecture, and i firmly now believe it was 2002 cuz i failed THAT year's electronics course thankyouverymuch..

it was a Hot, Damp day, we've just come out of the labs having had our asses handed to us, suddenly someone (the car guy, let's call him Q) suggested we go for some ice-cream. GREAT IDEA! i think 2 or 3 (not sure, i'm leaning towards 2 right now) more guys joined us.
let me describe the situation:
Four tired, cranky guys, sizes varying between Large to Extra-Extra-Large (Q), trying to squeeze in a 70's VW Beetle.
not the most comfortable, for sure.
anyway, we went there ( Jadriyah, i believe it was al-Faqma Ice-Cream, or a place on the other side, across from Shmesani Pizza place..dunno the name..Nah it was Faqma)
we ordered, sat near a shop-under-construction, promptly littered it with our plastic ice-cream cups, and managed to re-configure our bodies for the ride back..i think i rode shotgun.

Q maneuvered the car thru some side-streets cuz we just couldn't reverse for some reason, and drove on for some time looking for an exit..
surely, we got lost, and the only choice? drive on!
we drove left, right, and straight ahead till we reached a narrow sidestreet which had what looked like an exit at the other end..
"Shall i go?" Q said
"Of Course!" we all replied
and so, he went thru. When we reached there suddenly we found ourselves driving on dirt.. "hmmm.. ?" anyway, it turned out we had driven right through a dirt soccer field in the middle of a match, we had startled angry players running on both sides of the VW swearing at us inventively, all the while we all screamed like girls at the top of our lungs..
sadly Q refused to go through the goal posts (which had no net attached)
The good thing was that we DID find the main road just off the field, immediately we took it followed by this huge storm of dirt and swear-words. turns out we've been driving almost in parallel to it all along.

so: no, i wasnt driving, but yes, i shouted loudest, and i believe i was The most vocal supporter of the "go through" decision.

WOW factor: for me? 5/5 for you? probably 1. if i'm lucky.

2. first word i ever said was not "mama" or "dada", it was "dhau" which means Light, in arabic.

yeah, dont know why. my parents had it taped back in baghdad. this is yet another proof for the "i told you he was nuts" brigade.
anyway, seems my family think this is exciting and a sure-sign i will soon rule the world (Bwa Ha Ha. if only they knew how ;) )
that was me, your typical iNTj child. still am. with a suffix change tho.

WOW factor: for me? 1/5 for you? you really have to ask?

3. i had almost-longer-than-shoulder-length hair. :)
believe me, in iraq, before the war, it was rare! i had to cut it after the war when the faculty had a meeting and decided to make an example for discipline out of me..either cut it or get kicked out. i cut it.

yeah, sometime during late summer 2002, i completely stopped cutting my hair.
maybe i thought it was cool, maybe cuz i had an argument with my parents over how SHORT i used to always cut my hair, maybe cuz i was just going thru my delayed teens? honestly i dont remember and more honestly i dont care right now!

it wasnt long enough to impress non-iraqi's, it was however exactly long enough to attract unwanted attention.

jeers, snide remarks, strange looks, and the rest of the act but thankfully no actual physical interaction. (i lived in a3dhamiyah up until 2004, when i moved to an adjoining neighborhood)
this is where it gets REALLY boring, let me give you the background to the story:

my hair kept growing through 2002 and 2003 till i think it was summer course again.. suddenly we were in was post-war iraq, and suddenly people everywhere, students in my uni. included, started acting "strange"..
(we were Saddam University. THE most prestigious, controlled-environment, some dare say elite university in all of Iraq excluding maybe Kurdistan uni's)
so, while we were still too geeky to actually assassinate any professor, some morons did some things that were considered to be "not fit for university standards".
and so, the faculty met and planned and schemed over how to solve this, and wham! there i was, walking around with greasy, shoulder-length hair acting all geeky and stuff.
fresh meat.
so, one wednesday, these two professors (Dr.N and Dr. A whom i respect immensely, although they couldnt teach a lesson to save their lives.) came to me to tell me that my appearance is no longer acceptable, and that the faculty will hold a meeting to discuss all rogue elements, myself included. these two were generous enough to give me a heads up: "cut it or be cut. by next week".
as would be expected of me, i complied. in fact, i actually came to my senses.
long hair is not for me. its so easy to get ripped off/grabbed by, and it falls. and my hair wasn't too thick to boot.
do i miss it? not at all.
maybe when i'm like, 50, and balding (i won't be fat. i promised myself this one thing.), and have kids and stuff, oh and a job, maybe then i'll grow it back and wear it into this most annoying-looking ponytail. but not before i've completely lost any chance i have to compete in full contact martial arts.
yes i am serious.

WOW factor: are you still awake even?

4. i can do 400 situps. continuous. yet still my excess skin /flab is killing me. a few more months, maybe?

yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is 100% true, and not only that, i can (could to be 100% honest) do it on a daily (nightly) basis.
one thing tho, i HAVE to have a soft cushion/mat behind my back, because doing this on carpet would leave me without any shred of skin on my rear end.
i usually lie back on a bed, my legs bent at the knee over the foot-board (the opposite of head-board?) for grip, and start.
usually takes (took) me about 20-25 minutes to complete.
this is low-stress, high-repetition, and slow (3 seconds for each iteration approx.).
i do 200 regular with my hands across my chest, then 100 twisting, the last hundred i do quickly with my hands behind my head.

although i still have stomach flab and its killing me, its slowly shrinking, and i hope if i begin my full exercise set again i can be 100% fit within a month.

i did this every night till i caught a cold two weeks ago, from that day till now i have done exactly zip.
my pushups numbers have fallen, my squats numbers have fallen, crap.
tell you what, i'll start again tomorrow.

WOW factor: --

5. i cant account for the period from the 13th of June, 1994, till the 1st of October, 1995.
let's just say i celebrated my 13th year behind the sun. sorry, i really cant detail this one more.

technically, i CAN account for it, just not in public. no one will believe me :)
even when i confided in my best friend (whom i met first in 2001/2002), he told me "No , Nuh-uh, what we ALL know/have heard is otherwise, and ########CENSORED########"
again, sorry, i cant say anything more right now.
its NOT as exciting as it looks, trust me on this, ok?

WOW factor: probably a 2.

sorry, i know its not what you set up to read, but come on, if you wanted heavy-weight material you wouldnt be here in the first place :)

please, any college friends who come by here, please feel free to correct me if i am wrong in those items regarding college. my memory is my worst enemy sometimes.


so, post over and done with, let me reply on the last post's comments here:

oooohhhh believe me i am not a genius, i would know if i was.
Proof: if i was i would have found a way to use it to make me some money. ($_$)
QED sadly, i am not a genius. a geek, maybe, a freak, sure, a genius? i dont think i'm qualified for that.
i've been here and there, and i hope this satisfies the requirements of a real post? :)

Sir, thank you so much! (to be 100% honest i already visited that site looking for a new c++compiler but decided against it due to 200meg+ size, however, when you sent me the link i felt it was rude to ignore, so i downloaded it! again thank you!)

Always a pleasure to have you visit, and good luck with the ants! well, about the shiny new programming tools, what best way to fill my time?

Hi there :) guess what? i finally managed to complete Resident Evil4! yeah.. i know its lame, and i'm lame, but hey, i wouldnt have even started it if i havent noticed that i'm missing my copy of StreetFighter3 (left in baghdad, i noticed this after our SF/MK discussion) and went to buy one, and on the way saw ResiEvil which i also didnt have at the time and decide to get them..
i need new controllers now. hmph.
anyway, you know what you just did with your comment? you got me hooked on ASM again!
yep, downloaded both NASM and MASM and an assembly book and lost a little bit more of my life. why oh why can't i help myself?
and about the programming, you rock, i mean, screw high-level stuff, mid-level stuff is the way to go, and of course, assembly..
besides, "real programmers write in hex" (@_@) !!
(note: i can "see" what's happening in your program segment, but i still cant figure the operands..)

hello again!
"...but I want to know how the wedding plans are coming?"
actually i'd like to know that too myself... hmph.

well, you see, currently my fiancee and i are seperated by two continents.
And since my chances of getting a visa to go to her right now are about 2%, we decided it is much much easier if she would come here herself, and to come here, she needs a visa herself, and a visa to jordan in her case is a mysteriously long process of beurocratic routine.
therefore, sorry, i cant give an answer at the moment..

and to fill my time i used to train and study, then it was generally just having a cold, then for a while it was just me sitting on my butt, at the moment its study again and i expect to resume training in a day or two hopefully.
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