Anime & Movie Reviews

In this series of posts (not back to back, hopefully) I will review some shows I have seen before, and in which I found something worthy of sharing. This is based on MY own experience and taste. It doesn't mean all other shows are crap, it just means that THESE are good, and should not to be missed.

i will follow this sequence (i believe), movies are denoted by (DVD) while others are shows that you can risk penal sentences for downloading off the internet. They are worth it, i tell you.

Ergo Proxy
Street Fighter : the Animated Movie Uncensored Uncut Unrated etc etc. DVD
Elfen Lied
Shura no Toki
The Crow DVD
Cowboy Bebop + DVD
Samurai Champloo
Talladega Nights DVD
Advent Children DVD
Macross Plus OVA + DVD
Ninja Scroll
Ong Bak + Tom Yum Goong DVDs
Hard Boiled
The Killer
Grave of the Fireflies
Ghost in the Shell
Fist of Legend DVD (2Vcds actually)
Leon : The Professional (with new footage)

more to come as soon as i get more dvds back from baghdad.
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