02: Hard Boiled

I'll only be fair about this one:

Alternate Title
"Hot-Handed God of Cops"

This is a 1992 Cop Drama, and along with The Killer, possibly the best movie ever to come out of Hong Kong.
Director John Woo once again recruits his favorite actor Chow Yun Fat, to create an epic action movie which makes the original Die Hard look like Secrets of the Ya-Ya sisterhood.

Inspector "Tequila" Yuen starts cracking down on triads after his partner gets killed in the first relentless minutes of the movie. Events unfold and he finds himself face to face with an undercover cop Alan (played to perfection by Tony Leung) and a vicious killer by the name of Mad Dog.

After months with the triads, a strong bond forms between Alan and the Boss, and thus finds himself torn between his duty, and his "loyalty" to his friend/mentor.

this movie consists of three main acts, the Tea House (cloned shamelessly -tribute?- in the training stage in the videogame Path of Neo), the triad warehouse/chop-shop fight (in which Mad Dog loses an eye) and the final half-hour epic shootout in the children's ward of a local hospital.
(don't watch if your partner/you are pregnant, you'll have paranoia about hospitals and babies after this one.)

more bullets are spent in this movie than any three given Hollywood action flicks, and lo and behold, these guys ACTUALLY RUN OUT OF BULLETS/RELOAD.

if you want to know what the Hong Kong fuss is all about, you have but THREE CHOICES.
this one,
The Killer
and the excellent Infernal Affairs (which was re-made -UGH- into The Departed)

Chow Yun Fat's -and John Woo's- finest hour, this movie should NEVER be missed.

saw this 6 years ago in baghdad on VideoCd, the cover read "Hard Bullet", which is still how i sometimes reference it as.
Saw it about 20 times since then.
i'm downloading it again now. beautiful.

score: 8 out of 10.
it's not as realistic as i wanted it to be, also: some of the scenes in the Children's ward are a bit unconvincing. cotton stuffed into babies' ears doth not silence the roar of guns.

-note: i'll be reviewing the best first, maybe that way i can make you forget about the bad ones i already wrote down there-

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