al Mahdi killed by American/Iraqi forces.. ??

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al Mahdi killed by American/Iraqi forces.. ??

come again?

oh. this:

NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) - The leader of an Iraqi cult who claimed to be the Mahdi, a messiah-like figure in Islam, was killed in a battle on Sunday near Najaf with hundreds of his followers,Iraq's national security minister said on Monday.

Women and children who joined 600-700 of his "Soldiers of Heaven" on the outskirts of the Shi'ite holy city may be among the casualties, Shirwan al-Waeli told Reuters. All those people not killed were in detention, many of them wounded.


والله يا عالم..

what's the deal? suddenly our army can work as efficiently as the american forces?

seems like this has been planned for weeks and "our guys" had wind of it only some days earlier and managed to foil the whole thing.

optimum efficiency. foiling the terrorists' plan AND killing all of them!
not even Jack Bauer can dream this up.
fidwa, where were they when the samarra incident went down? (to name just ONE incident.)

i really should keep my nose out of politics, but the smell is repungent.

i mean, ok, combat on open ground with air support from the US/British armies, but i'm NOT talking about just the actual battle-efficiency of our troops, no, i'm also talking about the intel, planning and rapid deployment.

and what's with this doomsday cult thing? really?
i mean, on AP they said its a "little known cult in iraq", has anyone ever heard of this جند السماء before? i'm just asking. i'm NOT denying their existence. i mean, they were on TV therefore they HAVE to exist.

and HOWCOME its جند السماء ????

the name sounds a bit off. Ansar el Sunna/Jaysh Muhammed/Jaysh el Mahdi/etc i could understand, but why Jund el Sama'a? what's so hot about the sky?

and NO, Sama'a does NOT even remotely translate into Heaven.

(excluding crappy arabic subtitles on MBC2)

suddenly all seems pink and rosy and "i7na mishena lil7arub" pops up in my mind.
yeah right.

Prime Directives
1. Serve The Public Trust.
2. Protect The Innocent.
3. Seriously Prod Buttock.