I'm not gonna apologise for my absence, so if you want that.. you know what to do.

news about the surroundings:

I hereby declare all politicians to be morons.
oh, and most of the iraqis too.

thing about iraqis, you cant learn bout them by reading books.
its like sex really. no matter how much you read, there's always that "missing" variation of the general form, and oh what a difference does that one make :D
now.. you know what's the simplest way to recognize an iraqi?
(IN AMMAN, cuz in baghdad, just check the pulse. if its not there, then 99 times out of a 100, its a local, if its there.. well.. its an anomaly.)

again, what's the simplest way to recognize an iraqi?

check the footwear.

they put things on their feet straight out of the dark ages... pointy little size 42 horrors that they have the audacity to call shoes.
i wouldnt be caught dead wearing them (no seriously, islam burials are done shoe-less, coffin-less, nekked, wrapped up in a sheet with a plug up your butt and good to go.)
and what kills me, is that these morons consider themselves to be the epitome of fashion.

now, the ladyeeez (yeah, you had this one coming too):
you can recognize an iraqi gal by the amount of caked paint she puts on her mug.
i've seen circus clowns with less makeup.
apparently, (and naturally, as they are entitled to) they want to compensate for the 3 years of crap they've been having down in dreamland.

oh, dont forget the bodywear.. i mean, ok, wear what you like, stick your a$$ out of your apparel, just please, for the love of God in heaven, make sure it wont make others lose their appetite.
i am tired of seeing size 10 iraqi gals trying to fit into size 6 clothing. God knows it turned me off Basterma/pastrami for good.

oh, and bleached blonde.
what is the matter with arabs?
I hereby declare all blondes (except Mira Sorvino and my good self) to be included with politicians and iraqis in the category mentioned above.
uhhh.. i'm an iraqi myself, so... well, nobody's perfect, yet ;)

news about me:
since, for personal reasons (basically, carefully worded and delivered threat of pain of death), i cant return to iraq.
so, i hereby also declare my MSc. study of two years, to have been no more than farting in the wind.
dont bother giving suggestions, i have reviewed all possible ways in my mind day and night for two weeks now.

also, being jobless and studyless, i have returned to fitness training with enthusiasm, i basically start training at 5 am, do 100 knuckle pushups twice, with total rest in between, then after the second hundred i immediately do two sets of the following with zero rest between exercises, and i $hit you not:
situps 100
reverse situps 50
twisting situps 50
side-crunches upper left/right 100
and lower left/right 100
squats 30
i finish at about 5:40 if i take my time.
then i take a drink of water, a zinc tablet, and promptly keel over in dreamful sleep :)
you see, its too freaking cold here to run, so i decided to faint myself to sleep every night instead.

i miss full-contact, a lot.

here the only other alternatives are Shotokan, Wing Chun, or TKD, and i will donate my brain to science before i do either.
no diss for the sports, i respect any practicioners of those sports, however:
a) its not my cup of tea.
b) here they sissified them into pantomime.
i read a sign nearby saying KickBoxing, but i'm too lazy to go check the club.

Kudos go to my friend and sempai, Kyubei, for convincing me i had what it takes to do the 100 knuckle pushups.

believe me, that one was a b*tch to crack, yet, i kept you in mind, and here i am :)
also, me learning a third (fourth?) language.
one that should be useful to me, sometime in the future.
my dead great-granddad (jubz v'z anzrq nsgre, naq OVT FUBG va byyyyyyyyyyq vend/fnhqv nenovn) knew 7 languages, big deal, i'm gonna show 'em how it should be done.

abgr gb abfrl-cnexref:
(url, v'z vendv gueh naq gueh, naq zber vendv guna LBH, v pna genpr zl snzvyl onfvpnyyl onpx gb gur pbzvat bs gur nenof gb vend, fb qbag fgneg jvgu gur: "nuuu abj v xabj jul ur ungrf vend naq srryf qvfpbaarpgrq sebz vg")

so, first order of business..
hm. its late. i should go pray.
then, training. yeah baby.

i'll have to continue this another time. maybe not. who knows?

guvf jnf jevggra va ROT13, n fvzcyr sbez bs rapbqvat, va juvpu lbh pbqr rnpu yrggre hfvat gur flzoby+13 cynprf sebz vg.
v boivbhfyl yrsg bhg gur anzr bs gur rapbqvat zrgubq, gb frr vs lbh pna svther vg bhg.

abj, vs lbh ner npghnyyl ernqvat guvf, cyrnfr yrg zr xabj ol jevgvat:
va abezny-fcrnx.

ntnva, sbe gubfr fybj-zvaqrq glcrf, guvf jnf jevggra va ROT13. OK?

nyfb, vs lbh ner ernqvat guvf, gura oryvrir zr, lbh unir gbb zhpu gvzr ba lbhe unaqf.
gunak sbe pnevat rabhtu gb qb vg.
Ob Un Un Un
naq gura fbzr!

oh, and iraq sucks.
some say it blows. i tend to disagree.
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