Poison! ARGH!

normally i am the south pole to politics' north (meaning: I DON'T DO POLITICS!)
but this headline caught my eye:

Arrest made in Iraq police poisoning case

what is this? first, they show us the police academy on tv looking less like an academy to graduate police officers, and a LOT more like my highschool (Markaziyah: see Pigsty)
then, they take of a regiment of police persons and herd them off for "re-training/re-education/hanging by the nuts in the sun" purposes, and now THIS?

شجانوا ديسووون كل هل الوكت؟ يتفرجون مسلسل العندليب؟

i dont know, but the picture the news is painting, gives you the impression that you are better off playing tom and jerry with the terrorists ON YOUR OWN.

anyway, i have to run off now, will come back to continue this, one last thing:
the first ever thing that came to mind while reading this piece of ......uh... news, is a piece from Joseph Heller's genius novel, Catch-22.

long part ahead: warning!

"...'I didn't even realize we weren't serving enough prunes,' Milo the chef had admitted that first day.
'I suppose it's because I'm still so new. I'll raise the question with my first chef.'
Yossarian eyed him sharply. 'What first chef?' he demanded.
'You don't have a first chef.'
'Corporal Snark,' Milo explained, looking away a little guiltily.
'He's the only chef I have, so he really is my first chef, although I hope to move him over to the administrative side.
Corporal Snark tends to be a little too creative, I feel. He thinks being a mess sergeant is some sort of art form and is always complaining about having to prostitute his talents. Nobody is asking him to do any such thing!
Incidentally, do you happen to know why he was busted to private and is only a corporal now?'

'Yes,' said Yossarian. 'He poisoned the squadron.'
Milo went pale again. 'He did what?'
'He mashed hundreds of cakes of GI soap into the sweet potatoes just to show that people have the taste of Philistines and don't know the difference between good and bad. Every man in the squadron was sick. Missions were canceled.'

'Well!' Milo exclaimed, with thin-upped disapproval. 'He certainly found out how wrong he was, didn't he?'

'On the contrary,' Yossarian corrected. 'He found out how right he was. We packed it away by the plateful and clamored for more.

We all knew we were sick, but we had no idea we'd been poisoned.' Milo sniffed in consternation twice, like a shaggy brown hare. 'In that case, I certainly do want to get him over to the administrative side. I don't want anything like that happening while I'm in charge. You see,' he confided earnestly... "

all iraqis should get it, read it, love it, put it under their heads while they sleep, eat it drink it breath it make love to it have children with it if possible (if not, then it sure is NOT its fault)


what better way to describe iraq now?
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