ihath (and one liner note, not related to the post)

صار ستي, حتى لا تكولين غلست عالموضوع! وألف مبروك الكتاب

New book out by fellow iraqi blogger Elen "Ihath" Ghulam, i am making this announcement here for several reasons:

  1. She's Iraqi. (which is something i consider to be other than iraqi, note the capitalization. the latter you get automatically if you're born and living in iraq, the former, only if you LOVE Iraq. and again, Iraq is NOT the piece of no-man's land between Iran and Saudi Arabia, it is much MUCH more, inside all of us, even yours truly.)
  2. She's one of the earliest bloggers i read for when i started blogging.
  3. She's a talented writer, i like what she has to say, even if it contradicts with what i have to say. she still is able to make me stop and listen.
  4. She was the FIRST to scold me on the blog using her own ID (no anonymous scaredy-ass comment here, if you can't take the heat, don't...turn on the gas! :D), and the ONLY one to do it effectively so to convince ME to change MY ways! (it was a post linking to a site containing vulgar jokes about Sa3di el-7illi -famously rumored to be the patriarch of homosexuality in Iraq-,Poor poor guy, him. i mean, he didn't even send any emails to "16-year-old boys with hot bodies", and he's bigger than Godzilla in Iraq.. hmph.) .. ANYWAY, i deleted that post, and put instead an official apology to all y'all. plenty effective talker, her, you might say.
  5. She's a Computer Programmer! (i have a famous soft-spot for programmers!)

sooooooooo... anyway, without further ado, and like, another 5 or 6 reasons why i should bbe doing this, i present you with:

Don't Shoot! ... I have another story to tell you

described as:

"In the book One Thousand and One Nights. Scheherazade has to tell stories in order to survive. She tells such interesting and compelling stories that King Schehrayar can't help but let her live one more night and then another and then another. After a thousand and one nights, he gets attached and forgets his murderous desire. By salvaging her own life with stories, Scheherazade in turn liberates Schehrayar's heart from its darkness. As war and terrorism rages, so grows the antagonism between the Middle East and the West. "Don't Shoot! . . . I have another story to tell you" is the personal journey of an Iraqi woman who walks the tightrope between East and West. The book is a funny and often moving voyage of uncovering, discovering and discarding of identity. It is a book understanding the past, and telling new stories in order to embrace the future. Through these tales of transformation the book encourages the reader to grow attached and come to understand the Middle East's many contradictions."

check it out, now.

seriously, my only regret is that i didnt participate in spreading word about any other iraqi bloggers who have had books out.

that's an open invitation to all of you, iraqi bloggers:

if you are still alive and sane, and you decide to write a book, and you actually manage to publish it, please give me a line, i will gladly write about it!


liner note not related to anything above:

yesterday on iraqi tv, came reports of police finding 110 dead bodies in and around baghdad. what are we? SHEEP? i can safely bet that there were actually LESS sheep killed in baghdad yesterday than people, if the news were true.

yahooNews said the number was around 60-something dead bodies... SO????

how many bodies does it take for it to be a horrific atrocity?

many people say: six. (and a lunatic grudge-motivated gunman who then proceeds to blow himself away)

oh. i remebered, we're iraqi. no need to worry, then. there're plenty more brown-skins where them 60-sth. came from.

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