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Breaking news:

Iran's president urges higher birth rate

Dr. Mahmud AhmadiNajad, president of our lovely friendly neighbor, Iran, has tapped into a SURE-FIRE way to get his people to support him and LOVE him, by telling them to "love" each other.

"People of Iran, my children, it is now, an Age of Love, let's prove to everyone once and for all, that we are peaceful, loving, people.. this is the first step in defeating the great shaitan, first we take down his national symbols, personalized, by that infidel rabbit Bugs Bunny. we shall prove to them that even their best effort at fornication will not intimidate us, alas, it will only drive us forward. after that, we we kick them in the face when they're down on the ground weeping..

heeyyyy.. watch it, we're still Iran, so NO fornication AT ALL if you are not married, ok people? now, ready....steady....GO!"

to mobilize the whole country for this gigantic step, iranian state TV and radio will begin non-stop broadcasts of Sir Mixalot's "Baby Got Back" and Michael Jackson's "Keep it in the Closet"

So THAT'S WHY he always looks so happy!
Power to the People! happiness and more healthy hearts too! :))

but seriously
Good move, Dr. Mahmud, i am serious here.
he's taking care of his own, even giving holidays for "mothers to be", and i bet there'll be more fringe benefits on the way.. like anyone would need ANY fringe benefits for "increasing birth-rates"! :))

now, let me sugget something:

if the USA want to invade iran, in order to achieve success, make SURE to send in ONLY female recruits.
Oh OH clone Pam Anderson a couple of hundred thousand times, recruit the clones, and send her/them on her/them way to "liberate" Iran..

oops. what if some some pentagon hotshot is reading this?

hmmm..then the next thing you know, Rummy will go on tv stating that there ARE a couple of advantages to this:

  1. they (the army) have to pay only one of them, since technically they are all one and the same.
  2. they won't have to lower the admission standards anymore. Especially the IQ limits. Just reduce them this one time to fit her, and sure as s*it the army will be able to recruit ANYONE they want and ship them off to the meat grinder.
  3. the sight of Pam bagging a brown Hajji is infinitely more attractive than ol' Lynndie.
  4. it will greatly demoralize them Hajji terrorist-types, when Bush&Co. come round on tv saying: "Nyah Nyah, you got beat by a girl".
  5. she's the only person able to foil Dr. "evil" Mahmunijaj's plan.. waitaminute, that's his name, right? captain-whatshisface who roolz "eye-ran"?

aw heck. screw this.

(that's probably what ahmadi najad said as well) =))

it's a crazy world, and it keeps getting crazier by the minute.

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