filler-of-sorts-post: Explaining KyokuShin Ni-Ju Kun:

or, the 11 mottos of the ultimate truth.

Society for Ultimate Truth, is the name of the school of "martial arts -hmph, i hate this name, martial arts, really! DAMN YOU, BRUCE LEE!-" in which i study.
i am just a beginner taking his first steps.

In KyokuShin, there are basic rules which outline the way for us beginners, i will attempt to explain them, because i believe that they are not limited to any one branch of life, they can be applied in any field should one choose to do so.

i abhor violence of any kind, i am not advertising for anything here, these are just the words of a wise man, i use them to guide me.

ok, here goes:

  • The Martial Way begins and ends with courtesy. Therefore, be properly and genuinely courteous at all times.

pretty obvious, I'd think. why be courteous/polite? hmmm. first, being angry and screaming and what-have-you, gives the impression that one is weak, full of hot air and cannot back up one's own words. second, it won't hurt you one bit!

  • Following the Martial Way is like scaling a cliff - continue upwards without rest. It demands absolute and unfaltering devotion to the task at hand.

in order to excel in ANY given field in life, i believe one should try his ALL, NOT his/her BEST.

  • Strive to seize the initiative in all things, all the time guarding against actions stemming from selfish animosity or thoughtlessness.

always aim for being the best there is, the one who does most push-ups, the one who gets the highest grades on his/her report, the one who gets the big promotion, the big prize... be motivated. AND, let your motive be the betterment of yourself, your family, and those around you. never seek glory just to show off on tv, or train harder simply to go beat up X or Y, that will make you lose yourself, and i don't mean the EminEm way.

  • Even for the Martial Artist, the place of money cannot be ignored. Yet one should be careful never to become attached to it.

i am a little guilty here. being a native of Mosul (think Scottish Jokes, think Scrooge McDuck), money has a major role in my life. funny i'm almost always out of it.. ah. money is important, one can not live on thoughts alone, OR or bread alone.
this is something i need to work on.

  • The Martial Way is centred in posture. Strive to maintain correct posture at all times.

posture, is not just the way you sit or stand or walk, it is also the way you speak, and the way you think. start from the outside, and work your way in. correct the way you sit and stand, slowly, the way you speak will change, and the way you think will follow it. you will only benefit from this.
you think the way you stand or think etc. is correct already? fiiiiiine! more power to you! how do we find if something is correct or wrong? simple: honestly ask yourself, if someone did this certain thing to me, would my feelings be positive about it? if yes, hallelujah! if no, think what that person could change in his act to make YOU happy, and act accordingly.

  • The Martial Way begins with one thousand days and is mastered after ten thousand days of training.

this is not as KyokuShin-specific as it looks. take it from another angle: you are trying to learn poker, in how many hands can you master it? you are trying to learn a new language, in how many days? etc etc.. in short, everything takes time to learn, and MUCH MORE time to master. no one is born knowing what he/she does.

  • In the Martial Arts, introspection begets wisdom. Always see contemplation on your actions as an opportunity to improve.

and in ANYTHING, always check yourself for faults, no body is perfect, NO BODY. we are ALL human, we are ALL mortal and fallible. (no religious hints or references here at all, honestly, religion/belief/etc is something between YOU and YOUR Creator/Force/Xenu etc. -- yeah, couldn't let it go there! ;) --) hint hint: never criticise people before you are sure you can cover your bases when the return salvo comes. :D

  • The nature and purpose of the Martial Way is universal. All selfish desires should be roasted in the tempering fires of hard training.

the nature of most if not ALL things is the same as well. Universal, in the sense that it transcends any one person. civilization went on only because its members worked together selflessly, not cuz they stood thinking: "hmmm.. i wouldnt benefit from inventing the submarine, hell, i am claustrophobic" -FOR EXAMPLE!- also, they worked more than they talked.
want to see the opposite? the iraqi parliment.

  • The Martial Arts begin with a point and end in a circle. Straight lines stems from this principle.

KaraTe begins with white, and ends in white, in that, no matter how many degrees black yo have, the longer you continue wearing your belt, the more it will begin to fade and fray, returning to the color white. you will be old. weak and frail, with a white belt, as in your original state. if you work till you achieve this state, then you are a great person.

non-KaraTe meaning:

you always return to your starting point. for example, you are born weak, and when you are old, you are weak again. you get a new job that lifts you from unemployment, after 30 yrs (if you're lucky) you retire, unemployed again. in the womb (no religion here, NO religion here!) you begin as almost nothing, just a bunch of cells feeding on its surroundings. in the grave, you are again, almost nothing. just a bunch of cells feeding ITS surroundings.

that doesnt mean i should sit on my laurels waiting for my time to die, no sir, i will make my own mark in this world and benefit myself and others (the straight line mentioned above), and after i die, people will keep on benefiting from my work. think: Edison, think: Nobel, think: Khawarizmi, etc.

  • The true essence of the Martial Way can only be realized through experience. Knowing this, learn never to fear its demands.

meaning: you can't learn sex from books.

:D Got you there! honestly, you can't learn to do anything, unless you try doing it yourself. simple. always have the guts to try out new things!

  • Always remember: In the Martial Arts the rewards of a confident and grateful heart are truly abundant.

there is a virtue in BuShiDo called Rectitude, my friend KyuBei wrote about it Here. this point here is verrrrry similar. be sure of yourself, decide, and once you decide, follow your decision through. oh, and when your boss gives you a raise, kiss his ass in gratitude.


ahhhhh... the serenity of the void. (yeah riiiiiiiight. i WISH i could attain that state of mind. not now, maybe in 10 more yeas..)


next post: Tomb Raider-13, OR how someone threw my dead grandpa down to me in the grave to recieve. (just possibly, i might change my mind. THIS is why my nick is aNarki. my brain threads and deletes trains of thought at random)

هلللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللللة ومية هلة

أو كما يقول, هذي "أحسن هدية للعيد"..
ثاني أحسن خبر سمعته اليوم, و..... لا ..... مراح اكللكم أول أحسن خبر
عمركم خسارة أذا مقارين شي لشلش ومراح تزورون البلوك مالته... ولو ما أعتقد بقة أحد عراقي شريف مقاريلة شي
روحوا يلة بسرعة سلموا علية, شكاعدين تتنظرون؟
وعلة كولة الفنان المبدع عبدالحسين عبد الرضا
"أشوفج بعدين.... ها؟"
(هي أنكالت في باي باي لندن, ماأذّكر هوة كالهه لو نهاش فتى الجبل اللي صرّح بيها)
anyway, lazim aroo7

eh.. What's up, Doc?

Breaking news:

Iran's president urges higher birth rate

Dr. Mahmud AhmadiNajad, president of our lovely friendly neighbor, Iran, has tapped into a SURE-FIRE way to get his people to support him and LOVE him, by telling them to "love" each other.

"People of Iran, my children, it is now, an Age of Love, let's prove to everyone once and for all, that we are peaceful, loving, people.. this is the first step in defeating the great shaitan, first we take down his national symbols, personalized, by that infidel rabbit Bugs Bunny. we shall prove to them that even their best effort at fornication will not intimidate us, alas, it will only drive us forward. after that, we we kick them in the face when they're down on the ground weeping..

heeyyyy.. watch it, we're still Iran, so NO fornication AT ALL if you are not married, ok people? now, ready....steady....GO!"

to mobilize the whole country for this gigantic step, iranian state TV and radio will begin non-stop broadcasts of Sir Mixalot's "Baby Got Back" and Michael Jackson's "Keep it in the Closet"

So THAT'S WHY he always looks so happy!
Power to the People! happiness and more healthy hearts too! :))

but seriously
Good move, Dr. Mahmud, i am serious here.
he's taking care of his own, even giving holidays for "mothers to be", and i bet there'll be more fringe benefits on the way.. like anyone would need ANY fringe benefits for "increasing birth-rates"! :))

now, let me sugget something:

if the USA want to invade iran, in order to achieve success, make SURE to send in ONLY female recruits.
Oh OH clone Pam Anderson a couple of hundred thousand times, recruit the clones, and send her/them on her/them way to "liberate" Iran..

oops. what if some some pentagon hotshot is reading this?

hmmm..then the next thing you know, Rummy will go on tv stating that there ARE a couple of advantages to this:

  1. they (the army) have to pay only one of them, since technically they are all one and the same.
  2. they won't have to lower the admission standards anymore. Especially the IQ limits. Just reduce them this one time to fit her, and sure as s*it the army will be able to recruit ANYONE they want and ship them off to the meat grinder.
  3. the sight of Pam bagging a brown Hajji is infinitely more attractive than ol' Lynndie.
  4. it will greatly demoralize them Hajji terrorist-types, when Bush&Co. come round on tv saying: "Nyah Nyah, you got beat by a girl".
  5. she's the only person able to foil Dr. "evil" Mahmunijaj's plan.. waitaminute, that's his name, right? captain-whatshisface who roolz "eye-ran"?

aw heck. screw this.

(that's probably what ahmadi najad said as well) =))

it's a crazy world, and it keeps getting crazier by the minute.

:) SpamPost. will be back later.

re-attached the pics. clear this time round, eh?

hear that? that's the calm before the storm.

not MY calm. and not MY storm.
wait and see!

note: storm is here, or is about to be here. not HERE here.. check out the Kid's blog for more details.

say thanks for the free ad space, Kid.


this is post # 169: 13 * 13.. which means, i have to do something extra for this occasion, something.. memorable.. something that truly expresses my thoughts and beliefs..

instead, i decided to copy-paste a few lines in arabic. خخخخخخخ

عبارات عراقيه .........لا تفوتكم


(تريد الصدك لو ابن عمه).. (مقدمة لكذبة من الحجم العائلي)

(ومااطول عليك السالفة) : ( جملة محشورة داخل قصة يزيد عدد كلماتها عن 100000000كلمة.. )

(ومانشوفلك إلا ..).. (يعني موسيقى تصويرية قوتها 7.9 على مقياس ريختر لقصة سخيفة)

(وما كذبت خبر ).. (عبارة لنفش العضلات وبداية لكذبة ورسم بطولات ما حصلت إلابالخيال..)

(انت بعدك متعرفني زين)… (تقال عندما يشعرالمتكلم انه تبهذل وانمسحت كرامته بالكاع.)

(الله يستر عليها)... (تقال بعد نهاية كل قصة تم فيها نشر جميع بنات المنطقة وصديقات بنات المنطقة عالحبل.. )

(والله مكانك خالي وتمنينا تكون ويانه)... (تقال لحرق أعصاب المستمع واذلال شعوره.. )

(بس انت بصراحة يعني لاتزعل مني)…. (مصطلح يهيؤك نفسيا لسماع مسبة ولكن بطريقة مؤدبة..) خخخخخخخخ

(أني والله ميهمني)... (تدل على اهتمام المتكلم حتى الموت بالموضوع..)

(هسه شعلينه احنه ).. (نهاية الحديث البايخ الذي كان يتكلم فيه على غيره بما لايخصه..)

( الله كريم و ان شاء الله مااقصر وياك) .. (بعبارة أخرى.. انسى الموضوع..)

(بس لا يروح فكرك بعيد).. (يعني سوي نفسك مسمعت كل البلاوي ال حجيتلكياها..)

(والله لو ادري ولااعوفك).. (عبارة لتحميل منية ببلاش فوق الهم الأكله)

and to add insult to injury: i didn't even write the things above!

come on, they're not half bad. read them (aimed at iraqis), you might find something you like!

i sooooo wanna watch this: i don't know why, but somehow it keeps reminding me of iraq.
aaaaaaaaaand no, i am not speaking for ANY armed forces. i am speaking as an iraqi civilian.

ihath (and one liner note, not related to the post)

صار ستي, حتى لا تكولين غلست عالموضوع! وألف مبروك الكتاب

New book out by fellow iraqi blogger Elen "Ihath" Ghulam, i am making this announcement here for several reasons:

  1. She's Iraqi. (which is something i consider to be other than iraqi, note the capitalization. the latter you get automatically if you're born and living in iraq, the former, only if you LOVE Iraq. and again, Iraq is NOT the piece of no-man's land between Iran and Saudi Arabia, it is much MUCH more, inside all of us, even yours truly.)
  2. She's one of the earliest bloggers i read for when i started blogging.
  3. She's a talented writer, i like what she has to say, even if it contradicts with what i have to say. she still is able to make me stop and listen.
  4. She was the FIRST to scold me on the blog using her own ID (no anonymous scaredy-ass comment here, if you can't take the heat, don't...turn on the gas! :D), and the ONLY one to do it effectively so to convince ME to change MY ways! (it was a post linking to a site containing vulgar jokes about Sa3di el-7illi -famously rumored to be the patriarch of homosexuality in Iraq-,Poor poor guy, him. i mean, he didn't even send any emails to "16-year-old boys with hot bodies", and he's bigger than Godzilla in Iraq.. hmph.) .. ANYWAY, i deleted that post, and put instead an official apology to all y'all. plenty effective talker, her, you might say.
  5. She's a Computer Programmer! (i have a famous soft-spot for programmers!)

sooooooooo... anyway, without further ado, and like, another 5 or 6 reasons why i should bbe doing this, i present you with:

Don't Shoot! ... I have another story to tell you

described as:

"In the book One Thousand and One Nights. Scheherazade has to tell stories in order to survive. She tells such interesting and compelling stories that King Schehrayar can't help but let her live one more night and then another and then another. After a thousand and one nights, he gets attached and forgets his murderous desire. By salvaging her own life with stories, Scheherazade in turn liberates Schehrayar's heart from its darkness. As war and terrorism rages, so grows the antagonism between the Middle East and the West. "Don't Shoot! . . . I have another story to tell you" is the personal journey of an Iraqi woman who walks the tightrope between East and West. The book is a funny and often moving voyage of uncovering, discovering and discarding of identity. It is a book understanding the past, and telling new stories in order to embrace the future. Through these tales of transformation the book encourages the reader to grow attached and come to understand the Middle East's many contradictions."

check it out, now.

seriously, my only regret is that i didnt participate in spreading word about any other iraqi bloggers who have had books out.

that's an open invitation to all of you, iraqi bloggers:

if you are still alive and sane, and you decide to write a book, and you actually manage to publish it, please give me a line, i will gladly write about it!


liner note not related to anything above:

yesterday on iraqi tv, came reports of police finding 110 dead bodies in and around baghdad. what are we? SHEEP? i can safely bet that there were actually LESS sheep killed in baghdad yesterday than people, if the news were true.

yahooNews said the number was around 60-something dead bodies... SO????

how many bodies does it take for it to be a horrific atrocity?

many people say: six. (and a lunatic grudge-motivated gunman who then proceeds to blow himself away)

oh. i remebered, we're iraqi. no need to worry, then. there're plenty more brown-skins where them 60-sth. came from.

Poison! ARGH!

normally i am the south pole to politics' north (meaning: I DON'T DO POLITICS!)
but this headline caught my eye:

Arrest made in Iraq police poisoning case

what is this? first, they show us the police academy on tv looking less like an academy to graduate police officers, and a LOT more like my highschool (Markaziyah: see Pigsty)
then, they take of a regiment of police persons and herd them off for "re-training/re-education/hanging by the nuts in the sun" purposes, and now THIS?

شجانوا ديسووون كل هل الوكت؟ يتفرجون مسلسل العندليب؟

i dont know, but the picture the news is painting, gives you the impression that you are better off playing tom and jerry with the terrorists ON YOUR OWN.

anyway, i have to run off now, will come back to continue this, one last thing:
the first ever thing that came to mind while reading this piece of ......uh... news, is a piece from Joseph Heller's genius novel, Catch-22.

long part ahead: warning!

"...'I didn't even realize we weren't serving enough prunes,' Milo the chef had admitted that first day.
'I suppose it's because I'm still so new. I'll raise the question with my first chef.'
Yossarian eyed him sharply. 'What first chef?' he demanded.
'You don't have a first chef.'
'Corporal Snark,' Milo explained, looking away a little guiltily.
'He's the only chef I have, so he really is my first chef, although I hope to move him over to the administrative side.
Corporal Snark tends to be a little too creative, I feel. He thinks being a mess sergeant is some sort of art form and is always complaining about having to prostitute his talents. Nobody is asking him to do any such thing!
Incidentally, do you happen to know why he was busted to private and is only a corporal now?'

'Yes,' said Yossarian. 'He poisoned the squadron.'
Milo went pale again. 'He did what?'
'He mashed hundreds of cakes of GI soap into the sweet potatoes just to show that people have the taste of Philistines and don't know the difference between good and bad. Every man in the squadron was sick. Missions were canceled.'

'Well!' Milo exclaimed, with thin-upped disapproval. 'He certainly found out how wrong he was, didn't he?'

'On the contrary,' Yossarian corrected. 'He found out how right he was. We packed it away by the plateful and clamored for more.

We all knew we were sick, but we had no idea we'd been poisoned.' Milo sniffed in consternation twice, like a shaggy brown hare. 'In that case, I certainly do want to get him over to the administrative side. I don't want anything like that happening while I'm in charge. You see,' he confided earnestly... "

all iraqis should get it, read it, love it, put it under their heads while they sleep, eat it drink it breath it make love to it have children with it if possible (if not, then it sure is NOT its fault)


what better way to describe iraq now?

العَطَلة: That who has nothing better to do

pronounced: Atala
means, one who has nothing better to do, like for example, me posting here, or, the anonymous person down there who had nothing better to do than comment there, or, perhaps, even you, reading this right now! (you don't have anything better to do? tch tch tch)
real post.. what are the signs of a real post?
do i have to... give people what they want?
do i have to... tell you what you would like to hear?
ah, my friend, then you are truly, a عَطَلة, if you expect me to do that..
i suggest taking one of these 3 times daily:

sooo.. what then? what do i wanna do?
lemme c.. (insert appropriate pause here)

اكوووووووووول.. أكو أحد غيري ديشوف "يوميات أرنوب" ؟

ok, back in english:
i have a computer case right here sitting near me, collecting dust, its owners expect it back by 10pm tonight, fixed and sorted out and everything..
what's wrong with it?
what else? windows!
there's a resource conflict that's stopping the owner from accessing the 'net, happened after i installed a brand-new lan card, on a battered windows OS, now, the norm would be to simply format and re-install the thing.. problem is, as with most iraqis with computers, the owner lost all the driver cds, and now, i guess i'll have to connect the pc, figure out its exact hardware requirements, download the drivers on THIS pc here, disconnect, connect the other one, fix it and b done with it.

all this cuz windows won't identify the lan card correctly. huff.

(i'll try a little trick first, re-install the lan-card on another slot, and see if windows can get its shit together then. if not, then.. ah.)

and so, grasshoppahs, you will be denied my presence for this evening.
or, until i am done with the task at hand, that is.


بيتنا ونلعب بية, وشلها غرض بينا الناس؟


هسة تمام
شكو؟ ليش عربي؟ ليش مو عربي؟
اه العفو... تمام تمام استوعبت وجهة نظرك.
عيوني, قريت التايتل شمكتوب بية؟ كلش عال.


وهمم بععععععد (then some بالعربي)
this is just a glimpse of things to come.