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And so, what is there to talk about?

The story leading to my engagement? How I met my savior Angel?
How my world seems to melt away when I am with her?
How I pray to God every single day, for the blessings I received?


It'll probably sound like the ravings of a short-sighted, sand-kissing Romeo.
It's not fair, I say.
Unfair for her, the one whom I love, respect, and honor above the whole world.
And unfair for me, because I despise all the lies spewed forth by book-romanticism.

Instead, let me tell you a story, a short story:
(This is the part where you and I know I'm talking bout myself, without mentioning real names, oh, and omitting and adding a few parts as well).

There was this Iraqi punk, your average, early 20's kind of punk, who thinks the whole world owes him an apology.
Now, people would usually say that this punk actually had a functional brain, but he wasted this by doing lots of stupid stuffs.

I mean, this was the guy who got accepted in the most prestigious college in ALL of Iraq by his own effort, placed among the top ten students in the college IQ screening tests, but once he got there, he somehow always managed to barely pass the course materials, getting a D was the norm here.

…who almost got kicked-out for screaming filthy insults at the whole faculty while they ALL were present during a meeting in the same hall, but they didn’t know who did it on merit of his classmates shoving him to the floor behind a row of seats and piling over him to cover him.

…who used a blow-torch to write his initials on a wall inside the college workshop, oh, and right above the oxy-acetylene tanks too.

…who caused several vehicular hit-and-run accidents using a driver's license acquired through bribery.


Not to mention smoking, drinking, and trying to kill himself a few times too.
Basically, he was a mess, almost everyone in college dubbed him "a crazy asshole", and he dubbed them "blind fools way below me"

These are the things the guy would confess to, and there is a TON of other shit he won't even acknowledge publicly to this day.

Anyway, when this guy was in his second year in college, he was introduced to this shy little freshman girl, who quickly became one of his closest friends, maybe due to the stark contrast between them.

This guy was nuts, she was sane.
He always had too much ado about nothing, she kept it real.
He was a loser, she was an angel.

I don’t want to bore everyone with a long story, I DID say I'd keep it short.
Basically, she saved his life twice, turned it around, and helped greatly to make him into the person he is today.

I know its stupid and not fair what I just did. I gave a very detailed intro, then finished the story with one line, but hey, LIFE is unfair, why should I be? Suck it up!

Besides, I'm not going to reveal anything online about my girl, thank you very much.
Suffice to say, I kiss the ground she walks on, I owe her my life, twice over, there isn’t anyone in God's earth who cares more for me, and I intend to return that care and love back to her, twice over as well.
I am serious.

Oh, I guess some would say: "oh but you said you didn’t believe in love, so many times, you're a bigot liar.. Blah blah."
To them I say: "Screw you, #!^*&(`%, with a Goat. Learn to READ, not just LOOK".

I don’t believe in Romeo + Juliet, I don’t believe in Othello, I don’t believe in stereotypical flash-in-the-pan mass-media romance.

Its MY love, and I will define it.
And screw dead poets and everyone and everything else.

Simple, right? :)

(although, SRV's Pride and Joy does come to mind, but you cant really consider Stevie OR the Blues, to be mass-media in ANY way ;) )

On another note relating to the title of this post, I am seriously contemplating a long-term hiatus.
I need to rest.
Just finished writing my thesis.
Again, I need some ME time.
will i stop COMPLETELY, or will i just take a break? right now, i dont know.
There will be signs either way. I don’t hit and run anymore.

Thank you for taking time and effort to read.

there you go, thats a post for you, and Then Some!