(not a real post, but in short, i got ENGAGED! details laterrrrrrrrrrrr...)

A million Dollars. CORRECTION: THREE million Dollars.

nothing. nothing. just passing through.

(crosses his fingers and holds breath in a silent prayer)

"Yuss, Massah."

A couple of days ago, last tuesday, i think, i left my uncle's apartment to go back to my parents', being on the 3rd floor, i decided to take the stairs down, to exercise my legs..
as i came into the second floor, i noticed a little house-maid, of non-arabic origins (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, not sure..)

anyway, she was taking out a bag of trash.. now, being in a tight stairwell and everything, i preferred not to crowd the poor girl, so i kept walking some meters behind her..
i thought about offering to help with the bag, but, i thought she might be suspicious, as it is highly uncommon for people to help the "help".

she noticed i was there, i dont know how.. maybe because i was whistling "raindrops keep falling on my head".. hm

as we came down to the ground floor, i noticed that she walked to the door, opened it, and HELD IT OPEN.

it took me a few milliseconds to realize that the poor girl was holding it for ME.

i froze with shock.. i mean, WHY? she was carrying a bag, IN FRONT OF ME, why doesnt she go out first?

i look at her quizzically, she beckons: "pulease, sir go out"
oh God.
i reply "no its ok please you go first"
the girl goes "no, sir go first"

i repeat this, i get same reply.
a third time, again, same reply.

i walk out first.

it hurt. really hurt.
i was part of a crime.

what has been done to this poor soul? it took years and years of constant "teaching" to make her behave like this.
no self-worth, no dignity, no future, no hopes no dreams NO LIFE.

and you know what really kills me?
this poor girl is one of the few "lucky" so-called maids.
when she writes and sends money to her parents in Sri Lanka, they ENVY her for having a good-paying job in a MODERN country.

too much pain in the world.
i know it is not my place to give judgement, and that this has been going on for thousands of years, from before the exodus, till the present day, but still, it does not make it one bit less painful.

i am NOT preaching communism (with all do respect to any "travellers" who land here), and i am NOT against hiring people to do things for you, as long as their dignity remains intact.

we are all created equal. and in death, we are equal again..

sadly, this apparently escapes many minds.

oh, INDEED this girl is one of the "lucky" ones.. you should hear about the things committed against these poor people in the Gulf and Egypt. "Alwafideen", as they call them. means "those who arrived" nice word. easier on the ear than "slave".

i will not go on in detail for now.. this is a long and torturous subject, and it needs extensive research, much more than i am able to do for the time being.

i will write more about this subject, modern-day "disguised slavery", soon.

iraq had/has/will always have its share of slavery, enforced by society and "the people above".

like i said, no time now. got a freaking thesis to write.
and Then Some.

"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. "

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