Welcome to the FIGHTCLUB! ohhhhhh how i wish..

Once again, sadly, i am proven to be right.
Iraq is on another planet.

how so?
let me explain:

me, or rather, my brother-friend and me (a friend so close he's like a brother to me, cheers, V-knight!) have devised this theory, and set out to prove it:

we go out and pick fights with people.

well, not exactly..
we cant pick fights at random, we're NOT psychotic, not yet, anyway..
so, usually, we just let it happen the natural way.

we go walking with girls.
and since the "average" middle-eastern male is a total idiot, and considers himself God's gift to women, ESPECIALLY women he doesnt know, since that, the "average" male will usually try to flirt with the first woman he lays eyes on..

henceforth, if you take a walk with a lady, preferably more than one, some idiot will try something, and you will have a perfectly good reason to kick his head in.

I've been trying this for a month now, but no-one is giving me the time of day, let alone a good reason for a good whuppin'!

take tonight for example, i mean, i was going on with old friends today, mixed company, two girls, two guys, minding my business, and there was this little kid punk, with THREE of his buddies, he started something, and not just something in passing, he kept signalling to my company as he was walking.. i put myself in his line of sight, and stared him dead in the eye, him and his buddies, just praying for a reason..

he shied away.


and things like this happened throughout the night..
people are not raising their kids the way they should.. now i'm no dr. seuss, but i am aware that you should not bother other people, esp. people you do not know
(and i guess you could consider "whistling" and blurting 20-yr old "pickup lines" as bothersome.. )

for God's sake, if you wanna flirt, at least try on some new lines for a change.. God, how lame!

so anyway, throughout the night, people kept "walking too close", "staring too hard" and doing assorted other tricks to our company, and everytime, they'd take off peacefully after a good look in the eye, an "accidental" shoulder shove, or any of the usual other fight-starting tricks..
man, if you dont have the guts to follow up your act, why do it in the first place?

i'm not saying i'm a tough biker-guy-like macho-man on steroids, nooooo no way on the contrary! i mean, i'm more like the most peaceful guy you can ever meet (ask anyone who knows me offline), but i do have my moments..
also, with the v-knight covering my back (he was the other guy with me), it'd take more than a couple of punks to take us on :) (he's my senior in training)

in iraq, for a genuine iraqi, it is sufficient only to be living on the same planet he's in, and he'd come over asking for a fight. ask any iraqi why Candid Camera shows NEVER work in iraq, iraqis have ZERO-tolerance for anything, they'd rather shoot first, break the butt of the gun on your head, hang you from your earlobes, shove a live grenade down your shorts, and then ask questions later.

Q.E.D. Iraq is on another planet.
and a bonus:

middle-eastern men are (mostly) all idiotic losers..

I have given up. crap. ahhhhhhhhh.

Listening to:

Andy Timmons Band - Resolution
1. Andy Timmons Band - Deliver Us (4:04)
2. Andy Timmons Band - Helipad (4:49)
3. Andy Timmons Band - Ghost Of You (5:09)
4. Andy Timmons Band - Resolution (5:41)
5. Andy Timmons Band - Redemption (3:44)
6. Andy Timmons Band - Lydia (3:45)
7. Andy Timmons Band - Gone (3:51)
8. Andy Timmons Band - Move On (3:00)
9. Andy Timmons Band - Beware Dark Days (6:08)
10. Andy Timmons Band - The Prayer/The Answer (4:55)
11. Andy Timmons Band - Headed For The Ditch (3:18)


Black Label Society - Mafia
1. Black Label Society - Fire It Up (5:03)
2. Black Label Society - What's In You (3:04)
3. Black Label Society - Suicide Messiah (5:51)
4. Black Label Society - Forever Down (3:43)
5. Black Label Society - In This River (3:56)
6. Black Label Society - You Must Be Blind (3:31)
7. Black Label Society - Death March (3:08)
8. Black Label Society - Dr. Octavia (0:54)
9. Black Label Society - Say What You Will (3:50)
10. Black Label Society - Too Tough To Die (2:54)
11. Black Label Society - Electric Hellfire (2:31)
12. Black Label Society - Spread Your Wings (4:13)
13. Black Label Society - Been A Long Time (3:11)
14. Black Label Society - Dirt On The Grave (2:55)
15. Black Label Society - I Never Dreamed (6:07)

also, for all of you blues lovers out there,
Kenny Wayne Sheppard/Sheperd/Shepard (spelling varies according to websites)
K.W.S. - While We Cry
K.W.S. - Blue on Black

and the immortal SRV - Little Wing (i personally -with many others- consider this version to be an independant song, rather than a "cover" of Hendrix)

take care now, for real.. gotta go work on that second chapter.
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