Re: stop your blog


u sure this is aimed towards me?
i mean, first, i have NOT left iraq, i am vacationing outside iraq, like i did before and after 2003...
if God blessed my family, how dare i deny that, i thank God everyday for his blessings..
when i do decide to leave iraq, and inshallah i will, i will do tell about it, my friend!

then, if you want to drop my nationality just cause i have ventured outside Trebel border station, you must do that to millions and millions of iraqis...

"qualifies you to talk about the situation etc etc"
i just say from time to time that it is crappy, and that you cannot deny
and since the day i stepped in amman, i never published anything about iraq.

i believe that you should take a deep breath, perhaps you have lost something or someone precious in the violent hell that is iraq at the moment, perhaps you are angry at something i said, or something i did..

if it is the first, please, i hope you do not blame me for something i did not do..

if it is one of the last two, i hope you find it in your heart to forgive me, and tell me please what i said or did to offend you..

everyday iraqi... hmm.. i wonder what that means..
does the everyday iraqi not watch tv?
does the everyday iraqi not listen to music? (even islamic songs, which i listen to with joy)
does the everyday iraqi not write in english? (you yourself do!)use the net?
use computers?
play sports? (i assume you like and play football, even if not now, then when u were younger)

i do all those. nothing more.

or maybe you mean that i do not do politics?
that, i am truly guilty of.

if you want to rebuild iraq as a free haven, shouldnt you give me, your iraqi friend (hopefully), the freedom to choose where i want to live?

i do want to forget all about iraq, my friend, but sadly, i cant.
i am iraqi, first and foremost, and nothing can take that away, even when i die, i will be iraqi.

i hope we can be friends, and it seems you are my fellow blogger..
honestly, i want to know whats bothering you..

and i wonder, did you send this to other bloggers, or just me?

awaiting your reply, brother..

the original email text:


I don't mean to be rude, but I believe that you should stop your blog. As you no longer live in Iraq, I don't think that you are qualified to write about the situation there. If you want to carry on and publish your personal memoirs on the web, please use another channel (or make it clear to readers that you no longer represent the "everyday" Iraqi who endures the daily hardship of life there).

Quit blogging...leave it to those who are brave enough to stay and commit themselves to rebuilding their country, against all odds. They may not be as eloquent as you, but their broken sentences will have bigger impact than anything you can write.

You can just forget all about Iraq now.

Be safe.
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