Page under const... ahh just forget it!

it is Moi! this is really really me writing again, the return of the centennial phenomenon aNarki13! yeah... so, better hurry or u'll miss it!

Domo, Otomodachi..

(thank you, friends)

why? for bearing with me all this time..

so many things happened during those months in which i did not write.. Horrific things, Good things, Sadness, Happiness... you smile, but your eyes are full of tears, and your heart is rent in two.

but, no matter what is thrown at you, life has proven without any doubt, that it goes on.

Iraq is worse than ever before, and we still HAVEN'T hit rock bottom.

enough of politics, i cant take any more bad theatre.

this is a new beginning, i am currently in jordan, will return to iraq to debate my Masters' thesis, and then... God only knows. One thing tho, i wont stay in iraq any more than i have to.

love it or hate it, you gotta leave it.

/* as you can see, i changed my template, will add and modify things in it, BUT, i need to acquire photoshop and a few more animation tools... gimme time! */

on a brighter note: yesterday i met Attawie! Such a nice girl!
// more details! i have to acquire permission to tell from her first!

listening to:

nothing at the moment.. have no music with me.. downloading stuff.. gimme time.
altho.. B.B.King fan radio on yahoo music ROCKS!

take care, and thank you again and again, my friends!
we meet again soon!
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