Ummm... Ah... Well:

Hello There!

This is not a real post in as much as an "I'm alive" post… plus I have a few additions to my sidebar down there...

Tell me please, which is better:


Check out the wisecracking, nap-taking, lasagna-loving fat cat's official Web site!

Or this?

Hope for the humor impaired! Check out the fat cat's official Web site!

I think the first is the better of the two... I hope u agree (unless u hate the cat to begin with)
Wasn’t there a cartoon bout a fat cat named Heathecliff or something? Ring a bell, anyone? Oh well.

I expect MY bell to ring soon I hope, the 'Kid's coming over, hope to sell him my guitar amp... can't lug that with me in my travels... I like that amp profoundly. Better for it to end with friends than with strangers.

So, what's up with me?
Not much.
Almost finished the "tracking" part of my "tracking and identification" project (MSc thesis) and my supervisor is so thrilled with me he's leaving to Germany this weekend. Hope he comes back.

I attended yet another funeral, this time an uncle of a close friend was killed as he was coming home, and this time it really made no sense, I mean, he didn’t work for "the Americans/foreign company", nor the army, nor even the circus.. Hell, he wasn’t even a barber. He worked at a food-processing company...
His nephew, my friend, was so normal during the funeral we were all amazed (actually I was amazed, since the funeral was in A'adhamiyah, and most of the guys' houses are in Karrada, Mansour, or even Dora -i.e. the other half of the world- I was the only one who came, the rest called him or Messenger'd him) point is, we all thought he was strongly detached from the scene, like he was at a college seminar, or a wedding..

He's either too numb or too dumb.

Either way, it's HIS uncle, HIS funeral, so, what do I care?

Moving on, people...
I noticed from my comments on other people's websites that:
a. I have many times broken my no-politics, no-religion rule
And b. I am coming down hard on us Iraqis...

Well, as for (a), I am sorry, and I promise I wont do it again, now can I go play outside with my friends? Seriously, I hope I won't debate those two ever again, cuz nothing good ever comes out of those debates…

And as for (b), I AM NOT NEARLY HARD ENOUGH ON US *&^%$#!! And I will continue taking potshots and finding faults in our people till someone takes a potshot at me… which can be coincidental or deliberate. And is fine with me as long as I don’t get actually shot.

But I digress. And hallucinate.

What the squirrel am I doing writing this? I should be preparing my project seminars... I should be taking pics and sending them to my family outside, who are starting to think I DO have a red nose (see last post) cuz they haven’t seen me for ages.

Oh, I had a haircut. As bad as last time, but not as short... I don’t wanna get kidnapped or killed thank you very much...

I am a paranoid android. I fuss too much, and worry too much (not at the surface tho)
One of my friends caught something and was in bed with fever (40c – 104f) and went silent for four days, even his parents wouldn’t take my calls (or anyone for that matter) and this was right in the middle of said funeral upstairs, naturally I panicked, and started imagining horrible things that could have happened to him…

He's fine; he just didn’t want to waste my cell phone credits by answering.

Electricity is fair these days, 1 by 4, 2 by 4, 2 by 5 and 1 by 5 (that’s one hour Aku –there is- and four hours Maku –there isn't- and so on and so forth) which is good as long as it is stable during that hour…

I've been watching too much TV and it makes me sick. I used to watch Alias (cuz I profoundly like the soundtrack, AND I have a crush on Lena Olin –Sydney Bristow's mom-) but now it is gone, season one had an extremely stupid non-climactic finale… I already screened the first three seasons of 24 back to back (maybe that's why I am so down and paranoid and all) and there are too many chick-flicks and series on TV.
The two main movie sat channels are at it again, competing to play the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, and not the extended version, which is slightly better IMHO…

I saw a beautiful copy of the movie DooM, I don’t know why they came down so hard on it, I mean, you HAD TO KNOW you needed to shut off ur brain before watching it, and that it will be mindless violence with crappy dialogs and acting, but hey, Commando, anyone? (That movie was well-liked, as I can remember)

I saw Date movie and White Chicks back to back, the first was UGH. It had its moments but cannot compare AT ALL to the Scary Movie franchise... White Chicks? Well, I hate stereotype-based movies (on count of being an Arab, and Hollywood loves us so much EVEN before we all turned terrorists... they had a whole decade's worth of movies with "interesting" Arab references, from romance: St.Elmo's fire, to action: BloodSport.. passing thru comedy: father of the bride)
But anyway… I really like the Wayans…average movie tho.
Same with Martin Lawrence in Big Momma's House...

Too many movies, where do I find time to study?
I do, really!
I'm just a regular movie freak.

I'd love to have time to watch Dr.Zhivago, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, and the Star Wars collection again... No time for anything.
I don’t even have time to buy a new pair of shoes –for me- or a string-set -for my guitar- so I'm asking my friends and giving them money to do that for me...

So… oh did I tell u I'm ok? No need to worry? Hmmm…

Anyway, I'll be back soon with a real post... hey, didn’t I say that somewhere before?

Take care now, and as the great India says: Ta ta!

Cheers to all, goodnight, and good luck.

i wonder what was the point of me putting up this post. lost in translation. ah. crap.

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