Modem Blues...

Uh, so where have I been?
What have I been up to?

sorry people i am very very sorry..
i had a stupid little prob with my pc, combined with lack of internet credits and all..

An image, they say, is worth a thousand words..
And since I reckon its unfair that you end up reading through couple of thousand words' worth of gems from my esteemed self, I leave you with the following pics:

(Unfair to whom? I leave that for you to decide!)

Now, we've all had problems with that horrendous piece of software crap they call windows, and I especially have ended with more than my share of windows-based problems in the past..

So, it was only natural that when I was so busy trying to figure out how implement a quicksort routine (fancy name for a simple program that sorts out stuff, obviously quicker than other sorting programs) , Windows XP decided it was time for a system crash..

oh well, it was getting old anyway, and due for a reinstall.. (last format was around new year)

Normal routine procedure, started at 9 pm, expecting to finish everything before 10.

It went on till 4 am.

Everything was fine except for the modem, it just wouldn’t work, I checked for any resource conflict, none.. when I sent a query to the modem the response was nominal, everything was in order, except that it wouldn’t work.

i used my cousin's connection to download an updated driver from the mother company, nothing.

I suspected my motherboard was acting up, so I opened my computer and reinstalled the modem itself on a different port, nothing, I changed the port number from inside windows manually, nothing, it just would not work.


Now I've had modem troubles with windows before, try installing a Conexant V.92 internal modem on XP, and see what you get: nothing.
But this modem was an Intel Spider 536 series, designed for XP, and it USED TO WORK before.. what went wrong this time?

At about 12 am after hours of hair-pulling and screaming at the monitor, I decided enough was enough, and started watching tv, electricity came back at 1, I was tempted.. hmmm.. ok lets try again:

By this time I have already given up on making the current configuration work, so I decided to format and do everything from the beginning..

thats my delightful pimp-uter with lights and all!

another shot of my good for nothing crap of a computer:

38 minutes later, windows is on again, I install the MoBo (Mother-*&*!#$ Board) drivers, first thing after that comes the modem drivers.. everything is ok till now, I set up a new connection, hook up the telephone wire, hold my breath, and click connect…

Yes! its through!

you can see i'm installing two things while uploading these pics and checking my email, i multitasked it 7 ways from sunday!

another pic of the excellent Adobe Acrobat Professional 6 software.. I love Adobe.. i just dont know why..

maybe cuz if you reverse the B in place of the D and u'd have a hint bout my real name!

I thank God for that, and also for the electricity, which eerily lasted from 1 till 5 am uninterrupted..

I'll be back with a real post soon.

Watching: Snow Falling on Cedars. Till now its ok, haven’t seen it before. Will give full opinion later!

Take care now..

will post about the delightful spring time in Iraq which is upon us right now.. (all two days of it anyway..)

I missed you all. No really, I did!

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