Anarki's Anatomy

So, what about me?

Who am I?

If only I knew the answer to that question!

I may not have it, but I do have some clues, oh and a pic!

Obviously, I'm still in Iraq, so, no way José I'm writing my real open name here!

Let's see: I'm Iraqi, male (Duh), born in May, 1982.
My roots are from Mosul, yet my parents and I were born in the capital, we still used every opportunity to visit our family in the old city. I love Mosul. I haven’t been there since the war, and I doubt I'll be able to see it before a couple more years have passed by.

I'm 175 cm. (that's about 5'9") and because I train and stuff, I don’t watch my weight, I watch my waist-line though, which is at 36" at the moment, I intend to drop to 34", which is like The size for me.. I've been at 32" before and I've looked like a skeleton!

I'm also right-handed but I can use my left to an extent...

Hair: brown, used to be much much lighter when I was younger...

Eyes: brown, I have extreme near-sight... I'm legally blind without my glasses, which got me off
the Army Draft before the war... the threshold was Minus Five degrees in either eye, mine was 6 and a half in Both eyes. Now it's about 8 and a half. Waiting to skip Iraq to perform LASEC.

Anyone wanting more physical details can check my pic down there, taken from the first page of my passport, with the infos deleted and stuff...

I picked up English from TV and Books ENTIRELY.
Yes this is not BS.

My father was in the Foreign Service and my mom a physicist, both retired in the mid 90's. Obviously we had a lot of English books and magazines round the house, and they always encouraged me not to read the captions on movies and serials. And I loved watching cartoons… (Still do actually)
80's TV in Iraq was so great, everything you want and then some!

I'm an only child, no brothers or sisters; just a little cat. Oh and I have an army of cousins though...obviously I was spoiled rotten and it took me quite a few years to get over it! (who knows, it's very probable I'm still the same old spoiled brat of 6 months ago...)

I drink my tea totally without any drop of sugar, which drives my family, friends and the cafeteria guy mad.. they think its horrible, i truly believe its the only way to drink real tea!
(i used to put three to four lumps of the white stuff in my tea, but six years ago i had an idea of how tea would taste unsweetened, i tried it once, BAM i was hooked!)

i like coffee but the real kind of coffee, not that weak brown nescafe/crayon soup they call coffee.. also totally without sugar! even when i venture into the horrors of nescafe i get it black with no sugar or coffee-mate or anything!

I like cats (it’s an obsession that runs in the family) and small-sized dogs (not puppies, Bull-Dogs, Terriers, you get the drift!), don’t like children and/or babies that much... unless they're quiet. VERY quiet.

I like sci-fi everything, good non-slasher horror movies and stories, with the notable exception of Clive Barker... I read poetry and did write some stupid things way back in my sophomore year, I put them online at a poetry site but I lost the user-name and password...

I love the series 24. One day I will put up a shrine complete with incense and wreaths, and pics of Kiefer Sutherland and Reiko Aylesworth.

I am not funny, so I seek the company of funny people, and like to watch them work too. It's been a while since I've seen a really funny movie though.

So… I'm getting bit bored here, and my Keyboard's letter "I" is worn out, so, I leave the rest to you...

Any questions?

here I am:

my hair is ruffled and messed up here, to tell the truth it is messed up even now, i should get a haircut soon..

Cheers all, i be coming back!
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