Everybody in the Place Say Hey!


Anyone here? I know I know, ur gonna hit the lights and jump out saying “SURPRISE!”, give me a moment so I can be convincingly surprised. . . . ok go ahead:

HEYYY! Hello there!

Hella Hella! (insert four cheek-kisses here) How are you dear? Your Life? Your Health? Your Stuff? What are you doing? What are you working as? Where are you going to? Where are you coming from? What’s up?
(typical Iraqi saying “Hi”)

In Arabic (Mosul Tongue) now:
هلة هلة, اشونك عيوني انتة أحوالك صحتك ملاعيبك أموراتك أشقتعمل أشقتشتغل وين قتغوح منين قتجي أشكو ماكو؟
Now that’s over and done with, on to LESS pressing matters:
No phone yet as of this moment.
This has been written offline, undergone much proofing and editing, and hence, automatically better than 99.9% of the crap I fling here..

What is the matter with the world?
Sunni vs. Shi’a, Muslims vs. Denmark, Sharon Stone vs. Gene Hackman, this is a crazy world indeed.

You all know by now of the infamous pics published in what’s it’s name, that Dane newspaper, anyway, here’s my 30 dinars’ worth: (1500 I.Dinars = 1 USD)

I believe in freedom of speech, but, does it constitute healthy freedom of speech if I went to my Gun-toting, thief-shooting, next door neighbor, megaphone in hand, and presented to everyone my relation to his mother in a shady light?
I think in a European country that could get me in court.. Libel, it was?
Here it is less bureaucratic.
Not only it would it warrant that he would not speak to me, aid me in any possible way, I would no doubt begin to have “mysterious” fits of bad-luck and trouble… (hats-off to dead-horse prod.)

I mean, freedom of any kind is GOOOOOD. Democracy is BEAUTIFUL. Respecting the Other’s opinion is AMAZING.

Telling your cousin he’s ugly is one thing, kicking him in the nuts is another.

Its funny tho.
We’ve (Collective Whole) taken a helluva lot more shite over the decades, we sat and yapped for more.. why act now?
My guess its cuz a DANE newspaper did it.
Danes (as are all the other Scandinavian peoples) are a peace-loving, asylum-giving folks.. what can they do? Put sanctions on Arab countries? Like that would make a difference. Most of the population in Arab countries is already living in the crapper. Boycott Iraqi Dates? Their loss. More for me to eat.

In unison, one more time, with spirit now:

“Down with Lego, Down with Sun-Top juice, Down with Puck Cheese, Down with Lurpak Butter & Ghee”

I actually got this on my Messenger.

Lets wait and see what happens.

Reminds me of a Dennis Quaid movie which came out on TV a Thursday night 14 years ago, I was about ten, at a friends’ house, 11 pm, watching it with their 18 yr old son and his female same-age cousin... it had a scene where he and the female lead were on a train carriage, and suddenly out of the beautiful blue, they decide to get on intimate terms.. Now, The TV crew would ensure that sex-scenes are cut out entirely from all movies, watching Iraqi TV, at that young age, I already expected the ensuing scene would mysteriously disappear, followed by the leads of the movie exiting the carriage while fixing their suspiciously-rumpled clothes. But that didn’t happen.
I mean, yes, they exited the carriage fixing their clothes, but only after an almost 20 min. steamy scene in which I was promptly introduced to the mechanics of human copulation.
I can still recall the looks on my friends’ faces:
They were tripping on their jaws, it was pure comedy!
I still can’t believe a human being can gulp, shout, run, and grab for the remote simultaneously!
There were many repercussions:
My parents sat me down the next day to set the record straight bout bees and storks and stuff, with DIAGRAMS. Brrrrr.
We stopped watching that channel for two weeks, during which:
The channel issued a public apology for its public display of “obscenities”
And promptly fired that night’s TV crew.

I think those 18yr-olds eventually got married.

The Point?

Too much ado about nothing.

We were insulted, we were mocked, but that doesn’t entitle us in return to resort to violence. Boycott, fine... Don’t use Dane products, ok, just don't take it to the next level, and start burning, kidnapping and killing.
If the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) was alive, I bet he wouldn’t want that too...

On a lighter note, after a recurring intensified dosage of Stevie Ray Vaughan electric, Muddy Waters delta, and Django-Pass swing/jazz, I suddenly found that I can no more stand most of the old styles I listened to. Except for DreamTheater, and Aguilera.

Of all my vices, none is more serious than my addiction to Christina Aguilera.
I mean, even when she skanked-away most Arab fans, I still held on, adamant to the voice that IS...
No matter what you think bout how she acts or dresses, that girl’s got THE voice!

I’ve always liked shrill sharp voices, James La Brie, Ronnie James Dio, Steve Tyler, Little Richard, and more... Guess that’s why I hang on every note of her songs...

This has been a mixed-bag post to say the least, but its cuz I have a million ideas in my head but so little time to write them down...
Anyway, c ya in a few days, phoneline and electricity notwithstanding.

I intend to dig myself a comfortable hole to live in for the next two days, cuz the “Sheet” is gonna fly here no doubt, its 3ashura, the anniversary of the murder of Imam Hussein (PBUH) –which happened coupla MANY hundred years ago, more contemplation on that later- and everybody wants to show grief in his own way:

a. Some gonna meditate.

b. Some gonna pray.

c. Some gonna choose corporal mortification (ala Silas in DaVinci Code).

d. And Some gonna try to blow up those in “c” above.

So, couple of blankets, a bucket, and James Clavell’s Gaijin is all I’m gonna need...
C ya Saturday!

Oh, almost forgot:

I bet most of the non-Muslim world thinks it strange that we revere our Prophet, Khulafa’a (the Seconds of the prophet), and Imams to such extremely honorable degrees...
Aren’t they dead and done with?
Haven’t they done their duty (as per all other Prophets, Saints, and martyrs?)
What is the point of all this high-worship?
We should chuck all this away, right?

If you answered the last line as “right”, then my friend, you are NOT Arab.
You don’t know Arabs and Arab History... be grateful.

Theirs was THE Age for Arabs (and ALL Muslims as well).
A Golden age of Enlightenment, Science, Religion, Culture, you name it, they made it better.
But alas, everything comes to an end, All Humans, no matter how great, die.

And we’ve been on a downhill spire since then.

We are a people of the past, because we don’t have a present, and seemingly no future either...
I mean, what has the Arab nation produced in MASS since then?

Belly Dancers, Drunks, Adulterers, a couple of Crazies, and Nancy 3ajram. (3 pronounced as A’ a)

Apart from a few prominent characters dispersed here and there, we have nothing of worth. Zilch. Nothing to account for for almost a thousand years.
So you see, we have a right to be proud of the ONLY good things that happened to us.. ah.. it’s a long subject, I have no time.. maybe later..

It’s a new dawn it’s a new day it’s a new post…
And I’m feeling good...
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