The song remains the same.

Alan DIED?

forgive me. i am still too troubled.

read this at Riverbend, came here to open a new post..
didnt check my net for days now, and when i do, i see this?

will continue this tomorrow. cant do this now.

another one of my friends bit the dust.

public static void main (x)

string crap00, crap01;

crap00 = “And so, it began, another iteration on the global counter, where x = 2006 now..
its eleven past new-year, and I still don’t feel the year has passed. If not for the compulsory kissing and hand-shaking, I don’t think anyone would have noticed.

Eid came upon us like greased lightning, didn’t notice that too..
Oh, the poor pilgrims stuck on the borders and on checkpoints freezing their @$$es off must have noticed it.
Poor guys. The elderly and the ill, going on a holy pilgrimage, only to find that Saudi borders wont admit them, cuz Iraq has already passed his quota..
It’s a kind of a minor black-eye here.. iraq was supposed to send 27 thousand to Mecca, instead, and thanx to all the forgers and the powerful people up high, we sent close to 35 thousand!”;

if (u want to visit Mecca)
u first had to visit Mreidy market, where if pay the right amount to the right man, he would open the way to the Holy Lands for you like Moses opened the Red Sea, and all u have to do is follow clapping & singing happily: “Following the Leader, the leader, the leader, wherever he may go!”;
Your chances of seeing Mecca will be a little less than the chances Iraq will be better this year!;

crap01 = ”I suddenly found myself being prodded out of bed, to go wash up to go for the Eid prayer.. now, I love winter, and I love Eid, and I’ve come to love praying in the past year, but, the thing I don’t love is the feeling I get when my bare feet land on the cold floor tiles..
Ever tried licking the inside of a refrigerator and got ur tongue stuck? Almost the same..

Now that electricity is almost non-existent, gasoline is priced like its liquid gold, and the weather decided to get cold, I’m constantly reminded by my grandmother of a quote, delivered by a smiling guy over a decade ago, when he said: “we’re gonna bomb them back to the dark age” or was it the stone age?

Since there is no state-electricity, and our small generator cannot power up a water-heater (otherwise known as a boiler or a geyser), I had been simmering in my own filth for almost a week. Eid’s eve, I decided enough was enough, so, after watching a Susan Sarandon movie on tv, I stripped down, opened both shower faucets –hot and cold-, and went running in there, only to come out running two seconds later.. COLD!
I still believe my jump-out was a reflex, cuz my body behaved like it wanted to be somewhere else, anywhere there wasn’t water!
After the initial failure, I regrouped my strength (and my organs), rubbed myself with soap and shampoo OUTSIDE the shower (to lessen the time I have to spend there), winced, and jumped in there!
Damn! Cold water STINGS! Its temp was about 4 or 5 celsius.. U feel ur heart begging you to stop beating so it can focus on getting warm, ur lungs malfunction as you’re trying to inhale and exhale simultaneously!
But it was fun! I never had that much fun since I sat on a kerosene heater by mistake some years back!

On another account, have you ever been part in (or witness to) a family fued?
Family politics are such a dangerous and complex thing, with In-Law relations ( i.e. fist/catfights), Sibling Rivalries, and other more arcane forms of cloak-and-dagger stuff going about.. Scary!
I have a statement:

Talking about other things, have you seen the Void? No not the silly thing I wrote up there, no, I mean, the REAL DEAL, the infinitely huge Void. The place in the back of ur head that suddenly opens up in the middle of the night while ur trying to sleep and scares the flying squirrels out of you.. the place where u feel as if ur standing and falling in all directions at the same time, where there’s nothing but you, and it makes you feel so small, puts you in prespective..

I haven’t.
That’s right, I haven’t, what? You think I’m crazy or something to go around seeing things like that while I’m trying to sleep in the middle of the night?
I’m pretty content to seeing old crummy Detective Columbo movies on Tv.. yeah, that and Lindsay “Demi-God” Lohan yakkity-yak about how she had problems, then return and deny everything altogether..
Ah. The beauty of it all..

Happy 2006. Happy Eid. Happy whatever.”


Seriously, hope some of u are still reading up to this point, I’m a bit delirious today, I apologise, and will return with another, much MUCH better post, sometime in the close future!