No abbreviations. No Cute M*A*S*H* hints.....just S-H-I-T.
This is how it is.

Elections looming near, nerves starting to fray. I’m staying at home.

Another elections and I am not voting.
I still do NOT believe it will make a difference. I hope the elected government prove me wrong. I hope they show me that we are REALLY in a new era, not just the same old puppeteers with new puppets.

What has become of Iraq in the last few years?
Believe it or not, the BEST time in Iraq since the end of major military ops was just that, right at the end of the military ops. When the lootings toned down, when thugs and killers hid in the shadows, waiting for the next pawn to move.
It just went downhill from there.

Before the car-bombs started rolling, before the t-walls became a fixture of our lives.

Now we play Counter Strike on the streets.

Now children run around shooting each other with plastic guns, taking turns as Terrorists - Wolf\Wile E. Coyote brigade members.

“Kids” my age have turned back to old cartoons.

Foetal position and thumb-sucking not available. Families too busy wailing dead relatives...

Kill the wabbit:

Wouldn’t it be fun if bugs bunny had a TNT belt, a turban, and a long beard, and was able to blow up Mr. Fudd at the recruiting center?


Why do I even bother to write?

I am not tired.
I can blog 24/7.
But I do not want to talk politics here. Or religion.. (And I’ve left the sex part to others, namely Pentra and the Kid)

If you ask an average Iraqi (no pun intended, Mr. Average) about what he wants to talk about, he’d say:
I want to talk about the new ring tone for my phone (which will be stolen sooner or later), about the new car my father bought me (which will be stolen sooner or later), I want to talk about how good it is to see a smile on a friend’s face (Both will be stolen sooner or later, the smile AND the friend), about what I want to do with my life (which will be… ah, see a pattern here?)

We are disposable people. Not just teens. No hell, ALL OF US ARE DISPOSEABLE AND INTERCHANGEABLE.

10 Iraqis killed, 100 Iraqis killed, 1000 Iraqis killed...
Come on step it up, there are 26 million Iraqis here, at this rate you’ll never catch up! come on all of you, neighbors, outsiders, insiders, brothers, strangers, Sunni, Shia, Salafis, Syrians, Iranians, Jordanians, Saudi, Sudanese, Kurds, Arabs, Coalition forces, independent contractors, what have you.. Come on all of you, what the *&^% are you waiting for?
Let’s all sit on the box of dynamite and wait for the road runner to press the detonator...

Tom and Katie Alert, Jessica Simpson’s first public appearance after the split, Beyonce singing, John Travolta and Nick Cage face/off, Judy Garland and Mina Frigging Suvari.
That’s what’s on our silver box right now.

Sometimes it makes me mad.
But most of the time it keeps me in a daze.. Out of phase with reality.

Whoa! How do they manage to sleep? So quiet.
But then again, it has fed us too many lies to count.

Why do we have such a short attention span?

Does anyone remember what’s his name Gallaway? (sic)
Does anyone remember what’s her name the Iraqi kid with terminal cancer?
Does anyone remember the name of the Burmese writer who’s under house arrest?
Does anyone remember anything at all?

Oh but everyone has different priorities.
Martha, Oprah, Leno, Letterman, Prophets of the modern age.

Stupid Ad on the box here claims:

“If you are smart, flaunt it, join 2 million people watching miss universe pageant.”

Ohhhhhhhh Duuuuuhh yeahhh now I got it. I think.

Something else,

True, Iraq is dangerous, Iraq is wild, and Iraq is a zoo, no hold that, a zoo would be ashamed to call itself Iraq.
Normal people, but cursed to eternal damnation.

Uma Thurman Rules.

Couple of “Ethnic”* jokes:

After Avian Flu pandemic, Iraqi Pres. Talabani decided to change the national seal from an Eagle to a Mule just for precautions.

A US helicopter goes down in a Kurd Cemetery, Kurd TV anchor goes on TV saying: “Till now we have salvaged 5000 bodies and search is still on for the blackbox”

What’s the difference between “Ethnic” and “Racist”?
Every Racist is Ethnic, but not every Ethnic is Racist?
Noooo, they’re both f*cked up.

*(Kurd jokes are like Irish Jokes, note that my maternal uncle’s wife is Kurd, My father’s maternal cousin is Kurd. So I’m not, in any way, neither racist nor ethnically prejudiced)

There, a brand new post for you. Use it well.

I’ll be back later to answer the previous post’s comments. (and emails sent from some of u! u know who u are!)

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