Gimme Fuel Gimme Fire Gimme that which I desire:

But, to have fire you must first have fuel..
and to have fuel, you must have money...
and to have money... oh my logic does not run that deep.

Our "wise" government ( الحكومة حكيمة the government is always wise, and dont believe anyone who says otherwise) recently took a very "wise" decision, just when the weather is getting cold, to hike up fuel prices 300%..

Yes boys and girls, not 3%, not 30%, nooooo…THREE HUNDRED FRIGGING PERCENT.
And I mean FUEL, not just gasoline, no, cooking gas, petrol, diesel, tar, feathers,, FUEL.

I wonder where the Oil is going anyway.
More on that later..

Nice going-away present, except that signs show that they might NOT be going away any time soon..

Preliminary Results show that all is the same as last time, and even if Father Christmas himself had come and voted, it would not have made a change (or improve equality between warring factions) in our purple-fingered democracy.

But what do I know?

Newspapers, TV stations, people in power (that’s them, whomever them may be), pawns (that’s us), everyone, talking bout them two things..

Back to the fuel-crisis:
I think the people “upstairs” are handling this situation the wrong way..
Now, if I was in power, I’d solve all the problems Iraq had in the last three years, I would have traded the whole land of Iraq, with all its OIL, for a nicely-sized EMPTY Island somewhere and moved all Iraqis there, leaving Iraq a barren (yet OIL/CURSE-filled) wasteland. (like its any different now)

People, we are waaaaay beyond thunderdome, and there is no tina turner in sight to make things the least bit interesting.

EVERYTHING had its price go up accordingly,
Food, transportation, dvds, chewing gum.
Even the price of sh*t in Iraq has been raised 200%.
How come?
Food, cooking oil, vegetables, electricity, water and perhaps air, have been hiked up 200-300% in accord with fuel.
when you cook, you use fuel, and after you eat, you’d like perhaps to take a dump.
Henceforth, everytime you take a dump means you are consuming fuel.


Meanwhile, talks of forged results, backroom wheeling/dealing, and all assorted forms of buggery, are afoot.

Hope all the guys (AND gals) who waved their purple fingers disapprovingly at me can now shut up and take it like it is..

Quoting Moron99 (somewhat):

"Nya Nya, I told you so!"

This is a quick post, just to let out *some* steam.. I’m too old to rant now.. *cough cough*

Will b back later, have to go “consume some fuel”.

And Then Some!
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