And the winner is……

Elections Elections Elections!
Coming at a town-center near you!

“Dear Iraqi citizens, we vow to eradicate all corruption and sectarian strifes, we promise to give you electricity, water, falafel and ice tea, we promise break all our promises, we vow to falsify all our vows, all whilst making you believe things are gonna be better, just please follow the yellow brick road to the nearest ballot center and vote for us, list number (…insert three digit number here…)”

I have a question:
There’s this actor in Donnie Darko, Jarheads, and Proof (?) who’s name is spelled out as

“Jake Gyllenhall”

Now, how do you spell his last name?
I heard it pronounced both ways on TV, “Jill-en-hall” and “Gill-en-hall” and I want to know which is the correct one!

King of Queens is on now, gotta go!

Kidding! I like the show, but I don’t have enough time left in my net account, about 10 mins..I’ll reply on the comments when I charge..(tomorrow!)
I have two posts’ worth of comments.. wait pls wait?

Thank you!
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