:) or :( ??

Hey there:

Yesterday was a strange day, full of mixed emotions... let's see:

Oh but before that, I want to apologise for the Word-Verification thing in the comments, it just I was fed up with spam comments.. sorry for the trouble..

Anyway, I finally had a chance to wake up late (12pm) after a week of waking up at 7, that was one helluva relief..
I washed up, refueled the generator (we have a small one, 6KVA approx.) did some other uncharacteristically useful things around the house, then sat down to my PlayStation, I'd just finished God of War, and thought of some racing games for a change, my friend called to tell me that it was his brother's birthday and my presence was required..
With his house being across on the other half of baghdad, and since that I wouldnt return home until after 8 (which is a dangerously late time to wander around in) I phoned another friend who lived near me and who was going there too, and told him we should "travel" there together!

he'd already bought a gift but was looking for someone to share the bill with, so it was win-win on both sides, till now, ok..

we taxied to ANOTHER friend's house (we needed another one to split the gift with) and we finally arrived at the house..

fun and games and guitars, saw friends I hadn't seen for a year and a half.. brought up some really nice memories and laughs, the guy who invited us has sure lost some considerable weight! what's his secret?
the nearby mosque beckoned for the sunset prayer, then dinner came!

as usual, being who we are, we dived in nose first.. they'd made a dinner enough for 12, we were six, and it wasnt enough!

then after gift-giving, salams and stuffs, I noticed one of my friends (the one who called me) was missing, I asked the guys if he was praying or something, some of them smiled, a couple made remarks about how the guy had "turned into a cheerleader" and one poked me and told me to shut up, he'll tell me about it later.. weird.

in any case, after tea, the guy finally showed up, his parents, his brother& us all around, the cake is brought, cola, and the usual birthday things, we eat, and the guy runs off again..
so again I asked: "Where's he going to so soon?"
His parents turn as silent as a grave, his brother looks down, and another poke in the ribs is recieved.

then it hits me.

My friend has Bulimia.


Later the guys confirm that, tell me that it happened because he's so lazy, and he figured that instead of diet and exercise, this is an easy way to lose weight.

It is, an easy way to lose weight, and destroy your health in the process.

It started when I was in Jordan, all the others know about it, and have been ripping his head about it to no use, he simply does not believe it will hurt him.

I can't publish names or details cuz I don't have his permission.

Eid is coming soon, either tomorrow or after, still I haven't heard anything.. I think its Thursday.

Mixed feelings.

In any case, Peace to the world, and THEN SOME!
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