I’m here once more, and I have to admit, sometimes it makes me wonder..
Yours truly here gets bored real easy, so it’s a miracle that one year on, I am here, still keeping my INfrequent blogging schedule as before…

Grieving is over, and yet ANOTHER prof. died in college, this time, assassination.. oh well.. ‘nuff sulking!

What is it the world wants to know about us?
I mean, TWICE in the last three days I received emails bout some magazine abroad wanting to publish details about our daily life.. I mean, ok, granted we are living in one of the world’s most dangerous cities (the Most dangerous is in Papua - New Guinea, right?)
Even so, it does not make us so different from the rest of the earth.. I mean, are victims of Katrina and Rita all that different from the rest of the U.S.? I didn’t think so..

One of the emails even said something bout money being paid for the published material.. hmm.. no time here, will probably forward it to another interested party.. I had a couple of names in mind, Najma, The Kid, Haneen.. does anyone else want to participate?

Last night I was watching TV, something came up on them nazi twins, u’know, the couple of 16-yr old brainwashed girls singing bout white pride and hailing someone who died almost 60 years ago.. Idiots.
Their puppeteer mom came out talking bout how she’d disown them if they ever became “betrayers of the Race”
Lady, does "The Human Race" ring any bells?
Now I don’t know which is the bigger idiot, the one who wrote the doctrine, or the ones following it…
If anyone reading this disagrees with me, please understand that we all live on the same planet, like it or not..

No use trying to change the world..

Anyways, College news:

For people who know me, do I have a tattoo saying “Mule” on my forehead?
EVERYTIME I set foot inside the department, someone calls out for me, asking me to carry this or that around, usually one floor up.. Ah.
Till now, I carried TWO air-conditioners, Six medium-sized desks, 2 large ones, and a LARGE cupboard (all with another guy on the other side) and this is ONLY this year! Last year was more of the same!
I don’t wanna do this anymore!

Yesterday was a funny day, first off, I supervised the Kid and his class in a Lab assignment, the Kid always boasts how he is the FASTEST touch-typing person in college, so I told him I was faster…
Being a young ‘un and all that, it stuck in his mind, he called me out in the MIDDLE of the assignment, asking me to prove it!
Now he IS fast, probably faster than me anyway, but I am too lazy and burned out to prove anything.. so I typed “Hello World”, he said “HAH, is this it?” And started typing away, showing off his speed, I smiled, and asked him to type “misplaced”, he made a mistake with the “d” and that made him even more agitated!
He probably thinks its some kind of special speed proving word that I used to test him, truth is, it was the first word we don’t use everyday that came to my mind! It would have made no difference if I told him “weedle” or “plankton” he would have made that mistake anyway!
Which goes to show, even if you know how to do something perfectly by heart; if you don’t have enough confidence that you are BETTER than all, you WILL make mistakes!

I AM fond of him, mind you, reminds me much of myself when I was his age.. so anxious to spit the world in the eye if it looked at me in the wrong way, always living in a constant challenge, always devising ways to show how I live without rules, think outside the box, and all that crap young rebels believe in anyway!

I had many funny tales to tell, but sadly, They do not translate to Arabic text well, let alone English!

Will be back soon, if anyone still remembers the offer I made up there, gimme a holler, you need to be an Iraqi LIVING in Iraq!


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