Not Avian Flu though, don't get too hopeful!

I just woke up two days ago feeling like a ton of bricks had fallen on me, and with a bad runny nose to go with it..

why do my eyes water when i talk about running noses? strange.. have to investigate that further.

I hate running noses. I mean, flu is bad enough on its own, what with the temperature and aching bones and all, but a runny nose just beats everything else hands-down in the "this sucks" department.. ah.

walking round the house with a kleenex stuffed up my nose, drinking too much hot stuffs, and being lazy as a lemur.. not much difference from my daily routine.
if it wasnt for that nose.. oh well!

ResidentEvil4 finally arrived here! I've been waiting for it almost a year now..
Beautiful game, nice graphics, nice physics, but what's with the "No Zombies" thing? Its still BEAUTIFUL though! I love it!

Sorry I havent replied to some of the comments from last post, Melantrys, Welcome to THEN SOME! Bruno: thank u so much, sir! and thank you again! Khalid: Sensei! there, u happy? :)

on another front, the busy guys at introduced a new feature, Comment Moderation..

Useful? that remains to be seen, I mean, ok, it could be used to stop trolls and spammers, and allow many blogs to re-open the comments section again, but at the same time, it could be used as a censorship device, delete anything u dont want, even if its NOT spam or vulgarity..

Prayers to the families of the deceased in the attack on Jordan..
When will violence end?
My guess? When Iraq runs out of petroleum.

but what do I know? Its probably the fever talking here.

Cheers, people, sorry for the strange post, will do a better one in a few days, just let me clear my nose, and THEN SOME!
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