Fight! Fight!

Hmm.. now, the lovely Emigre once defined me as " he seems largely peaceable", and in reality, I am, really, I am peaceable, but stupid, and this is my story:

Since its the second day of Eid and all (note: my Shi'ite brothers broke fast today, so its their FIRST day, rather than second, which means they'll finish Eid one day after Sunni as usual, and that extends the Eid another day)
ok, so as usual, I packed my stuff and went to my OTHER grandparents house, after the obligatory salams and kisses, I decided to walk round with my younger cousins, newly accepted freshmen..
we walked around for some time, had lunch outside (which got my grandmama furious) and decided that since it was getting dark fast, we should go home..

We sat at a neighbor's house, I was teaching my cousin some tricks with the nunchucks, when suddenly another neighbor arrived, now this guy is taller than me (I'm 5'7", he's around 6'1"), and is active at sports, so he got less fats and more muscles, he's three years younger than me but anyway.. I know the guy, he's a nice kid, an idiot, but nice, so I really dont know what happened next, somehow, my cousins dared HIM to take ME on, I thought they were all kidding, y'know, making fun of me cuz I train and do stuff, and before you can say "FIGHT!" he was on me!

I was totally taken by surprise, he tried to left-hook me to the FACE!, I ducked and backed away but not too fast, I was hit on the forehead.. bam!
Didnt hurt, physically, that is.
so I was like: "I don't want to hurt you, I won't punch or kick you, awright?"
STOOOPID! But he's only a kid, come on!
a kid that almost gave me a knuckle sandwich as a joke.

ok, so no ranged-attacks. that left only close range joint-locks.

When I tried to apply some of the moves I knew, I was shocked to realize that ALL that time I trained against right-handed people, this guy was a southpaw! (a.k.a. Lefty)
what is the percentage of left-handed people? 17% worldwide?
pretty slim.
therefore, for every 100 repetitions of a move I made for Right, I made only 1 for left.

S*it. I am a total idiot who didnt train enough. Idiot. Loser. Pretender. Call me what you will, I deserve it.

I tried to push him away, and actually got him in a chokehold (yay! idiot.) but then he started shouting, so I let him go, thinking he'd learned his lesson.

another swing comes close, this time I was fast enough.
the guy turned red with anger.
this fight has turned REAL.
(My last fight was almost 8 years ago, and we were only kids on the street)
It felt really bad, my hands were so useless against a lefty, and I had promised him I wouldnt punch or kick him.
I decided on a whim to keep my promise, Now do you know a bigger fool?
I mean, yeah I really could have ended it right there with one kick to the face or groin, but, he's just a kid.
IDIOT, right?

Back to basics. Grappling.

all of this while I'm weaving in and out, dodging punches.. and a lefty sure has a way of screwing your style up if you dont have experience.. (yours truly, IDIOT)

then it happened, He started jabbing with his right, now up to this point the only thing I'm still proud of is my relfex, every time he punched, I blocked with my right, then I saw that left hook coming a mile away, aiming for the side of my face, so I put my Elbow in front of it.
He didnt see it coming, and BAM.
One thing I know from experience: Nothing stands in the way of an Elbow.
its like punching a round metal doorknob, HARD.
He hit it so hard I was pushed back, now if that one had landed, I wouldnt be writing this now, and I am a total idiot.
He had a look of shock and pain on his face, that was when I decided to stop this crap.
I moved inside of him, trying to flip him over, he resisted, so I immediately reversed, placed my left foot behind his right, and flipped him backwards, he landed on his back, arms to the side, I was on him immediately, My left knee pinning his right arm, my left hand pinning his left, and my other knee on his groin, while my right fist was aimed at his face.. I told him: "Ha, u want more? Do I have to punch you now?"
and he said "No man I give up, I was kidding with you come on.." yeah right.

Yeah! I WON!
But I am still an idiot.

I feel really bad, I mean, Yes, I beat him, Yes I pinned him down, but it was prolonged, and I almost got beat to s*it cuz I did not train enough.
Also, I took part in violence.

Now I am not a tree hugger, but please, he's just an idiot kid..


I had such pride in myself, following teachings of Bushido and all, now, I'm just a brutish oaf.
I could not contain the situation, I let it escalate instead.
I could not apply the things I was taught.
I withheld, and really still don't know if it was justified or not.
I am an idiot, I could have hurt the guy, seriously.
and because of it all, I am NOTHING.

Damn it all.

Sorry I landed all of this on you, but I just wanted to vent out and show how stupid I am at times..

Don't fight, even if you are sure to win. Unless it was a life-threatening situation. (which this surely wasnt)

Gotta go take a shower now... that idiot really was aiming for my face.. and he got so close.. damn.

C ya, people, I will post again soon. I don't know if I had left anything out cuz I didnot read this through, I'm writing this online, if there's any errors or typos or anything not very well explained, please forgive me.

Salam (Peace-- how ironic.)
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