Death by Cologne:

Hello all, just came back after a delightful trip stuck 90mins in ever-so-slow traffic, therefore, my thoughts are not very coherent (nothing strange there)

Anyways, Dr. Sabah died.. Also, when did I return from Jordan? It was more than a month ago, I think..
What? Who? oh.. let me take it one step back:

I have a father (oh, surprised?), and my father, naturally, has friends..
one of them is an elderly professor at the nearby College of Science, Dr. Sabah, a fatherly, kind old man who always told me to "come to me anytime you have any study problems, you are just like my son" and he did help me, MANY times..
my father met him in Suq-Al-Saray (or the Saray Market, the most famous baghdad book market, where you find any kind of books imagined by man, also, highest quality fountain pens, watches, lighters, and other nice stuffs) many years ago, and they met there every friday..

after my parents left to jordan, They kept in touch through me, I'd deliver letters and gifts both ways, and always visited Dr. Sabah, I really liked the old guy..

When I returned from Jordan this time, my father sent with me a bottle of good cologne (Givenchy) and a letter to his friend, with a note to give it to him as soon as i went to college..

me being me, I kept delaying the frigging thing, for a month maybe, each time i went to college, i'd say: "I'll deliver it tomorrow"..
till about a week ago, I asked my Grandmother here to gift-wrap the cologne so it would look nice, and thought I'd deliver it the next day..
one day became two, two turned into four, and before you could say "STOOOPID" a whole week was gone.

Till today, that is:
I finally took the bottle and the letter, wrapper and all, and went to college, I arrived at 8:00, the devil inside spoke again: "Come on, the guy just arrived, give him some time, like till 11, so that he would end his first lecture.."

at about 10:30, I walked over to Sci College, I saw some people hanging a black cloth (our local obituary sign, they write the deceased's name and details on how to attend the funeral on it), I thought to myself, oh hell, another one died, probably shot to death cuz he failed to brake at a police checkpoint, like the last guy who got it..

As I came closer, I got this sort of feeling where you know that what you see must be wrong, there must be some mistake, yet you still walk on like a robot..

The cloth read: "...and may God have mercy on the soul of our father and fine educator, Dr. Sabah Mahmoud Jum'a.. "


this cant be right.. I ran over to the guys nailing it to the wall, asked them, they said "yeah, he just died from a heart-attack like an hour ago"

An HOUR ago.
I would have seen him, said hello to him, if I came earlier..

earlier like an hour ago, yesterday, last week, LAST MONTH.

My God.

I know its not my fault, everybody has a time to go, but DAMN IT.. I FEEL SO GUILTY..
what if?
what if I had seen him?

Silent tears shed for Dr. Sabah. They burn.

God have mercy on his soul, he's in a better place now.

I'll attend his funeral, this time, If I wasnt on time in his life, I'll be there in his death.

If you have something to do, people to see, do it NOW. Don't wait.
Life won't wait for you.
Or Death.

Sorry my friends for the terrible post, I'll post a better cheerier one soon I promise..
(Got some funny college stories to tell, but I am currently not in the mood. forgive me)
salam, and Then Some.
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