Student vs. Technician:

Life has a particularily nasty habit of running VERY fast while ur not looking...

Almost five years ago, I walked into my first programming lab, green, wet behind the ears, and feeling like college is gonna last forever..
it was BASIC lab, programming 101, where they tell u whats a flowchart, whats an algorithm, not to write the program BEFORE doing the flowchart (which I somehow always did!) and many more things u'd need to get urself started with a more powerful language..
I listened to the lab Techicians, boggling at how smart they are to know all of these tricks and programs by heart (note: there were no programming classes in my highschool, sadly) and thinking to myself how I won't be able to be like them in a million years..

it took me just under five.

next sunday, I supervise BASIC lab for this year's freshmen!

I mean, I supervised a couple of labs in the past few weeks (C++, Matlab) but the guys (and gals) were all 2nd.-3rd. year students..people i've been with for years!

not green, wet behind the ears people who feel that college will last forever..

Time flies. has it been five years since I was 18? just yesterday I applied, got my IQ test and interview, and was accepted as a student..

what will happen five years from now?

I'll b lucky if I knew what will happen five minutes from now. (I guess I'll be preparing the futoor -fast breaking- table, but then again, who knows?)

on another front:

do u know how stupid and guitly one feels when he falls asleep in the MIDDLE of a phone conversation? TWO DAYS IN A ROW? WITH THE SAME PERSON?


I mean, ok, I admit all I had slept for the past 72 hours is like 11-12 hours, (wake up at 7am, no afternoon naps, sleep at 4am) but I've managed for a whole lot less in the past..

Ok, i'm an A-class idiot, the one who doesnt know when enough is enough, and calls it a night, nooo! me? i'm the kind of frig who insists of saying the last "bye", the last "goodnight", and keeps saying "I'm not sleepy" while slapping his face to sober up.

oh, and while he's talking to the woman he's going to marry..

Oops, right?

yeah, FUBARed this one real good..

and the thing is, I've done this sort of crap with her before.

you'd think I'd be dumped faster than u'd say "knucklehead":

Amazing thing is, she forgave me!

Its not fair (to her).. She's so nice to me and I sleep on the phone..

how can I make it up?

Mucha, why are you so nice and beautiful?

thank you, THANK YOU, for loving me.
we talk tonight, and this time, I won't sleep! Promise!
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