Now wait a Squirrel-Friggin Minute:

Took a tour round the usual Iraqi blogs I follow, all are ok and smiley on the outside, but u still get that weird heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach.

except Najma! She made a couple of posts in Arabic, which are quite enjoyable to us arabic-reading hordes.. very good.

An especially Konfused and Depressed soul is the 'Kid.. Met him two days ago, will meet him again today God willing... too sad and too blue. is it cuz I beat him in Tekken on the ps2?
I don't think so. implications of a deeper sadness are afoot.

most Iraqis (bloggers, and non-bloggers alike) nowadays have "civil war" imprinted in the backs of their heads.
I'm still betting it won't happen.
But I've been known to make bit mistakes in the past. Crap.

What is it with this wave of sadness? Come on, people. get over it.
What would sadness and tears benefit you? will they change the Frigged-up situation? Smiles and Laughs won't either, they only make YOU feel better about it, and help u tuff it up and take it standing.
If anything should change, it is US.
We (they younger generation) have a shrunken public-duty gland, and severe shortage in moral fiber.
the art of finger-pointing.

when we were in bad shape before the war, we used to blame it on the Sanctions.
when we were in bad shape after the war, we blamed it on the former Regime.
when we were in bad shape before the elections, we blamed it on mr. Paul Bremer.
when we were in bad shape after the elections, we blamed it on mr. Ayad Allawi's government.

the consitution (and another elections) are coming, and guess what? we're still in bad shape.
I bet u a million dollars, a year from now, things will still be in bad shape.
I bet u a billion dollars, 5 years from now, things will still be in bad shape.

but, when I finally graduate and get a job (in under 10 years, Hopefully) things will really start to look up.
All will be well with the world.
And Buffy will conquer her inner demons finally.

I hate Sarah Michelle Geller.

And the invention of the Wheel.

Oh and Luke Skywalker.

Happy Ramadhan to you all, God Bless.

oh and Another thing: Whenever I discuss how things are turning out for us Arab Peoples with another fellow Arab person, I get constantly reminded how we WERE great.
I give u credit, True, we DID great things, why cant we DO great things?

Maybe cuz its due to armchair-critics like me who do nothing exept stuff their face with foods and spit it right back out at society?
it is not easy being me, u know?

Another thing I hate. Oh well, gotta go update my list.
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