That is the state of things here.

no movement, everyone locked up in their houses, so silent outside,
oh and the weird thing? phones STILL work.

Since I (and my family) was in jordan during the summer, we missed the whole deal of registering to vote on the constipated constitution, so, too bad. guess that's one less "No" there.

Funny, why did they fight all that time when in the end they bent backwards to please Sunnis and get them to vote?

would it have mattered?

I believe the answer is NO.

and I believe that this constitution is gonna be passed no matter what.

now some of you r gonna say: "Aw this piss-ant terrorist kid knows that even if he and his evil friends voted NO for the democratic constitution, by God it will be passed, with the help of millions of honest hard-working, non-whining non-evil Iraqis"

and I say: "Yeah yeah sure sure if that's ur cup of tea, be my guest.."

This is Iraq, nothing is democratic. if you need to get something passed, just bring enough money along.


Still at the same time I respect and understand the viewpoints and opinions of those voting "Yes", but I demand the same respect be given me and my opinions..

but what do I know? hell, I'm not even voting!


Cheers, friends!

oh and as a retailation for all the "Eye-Rak"s I'm hearing around, I suggest all of us Iraqis get together and start calling America "Amreca"! (pronounced "Amreeka")

that'll show 'em!
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