I'm leaving.. (At least that's what I think I'll do)

I understand the feeling of all them Military/FBI types in the Television when their superior (who's clearly inferior to them in every way but the official way.. but that's tv for you) tells them: You're on a NEED-TO-KNOW basis.. which strangely excludes everything they actually need to know.

I was told I'll be leaving for Baghdad tonite.
and My family obviously do not think I need to know the time or the means.

At least they told me to pack my bags and all that..I'm typing this using borrowed time, still too many cds and dvds to cram into my backpack (when they hell did I have time or MONEY to buy them all?)

all in all, I got a wonderful 11th hour addition to my dvds, the whole first season of That 70's Show, the greatest sitcom I've seen yet.. (although I havent seen that many)

so, I'll be posting here when I arrive, just not as frequent, I hope I'll have time and telephone to post..

Oh and Happy Ramadhan too!

Bill, I havent forgotten you, just as soon as I hit college, I'll mail u some of Zai's work!

CyberHouri, I'll tell you the reasons for our assumed names, I promise! next post will be about it! (partially)

If I made other promises that I can't remember, please forgive me, and do remind me!

thank you all for taking time to read, I'll be seeing you all soon.

God willing, that is!


"Hey mama, look at me, I'm on my way to the promised land.."
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