Anger rising..

Anyone notice that hypoglycemia (the decrease in the level of blood sugar) caused by not eating or drinking makes u do strange stuff?

for example: you oh so wanna pick a fight..
like my last comments made on the 'Kid's words he left here!

or indeed, like HIS comments left here!

I dont know.
That feeling you get inside when you disagree with someone, and you want to have the final word, you know.. start off angry and then calm down after the fervor goes away..

I used to be that way, hell, I am STILL that way.
now I do it less, however.

When I want to leave a comment, I think, would I still feel the same after 10 minutes?

and about the veiled depression, I did not ever try to veil it.

when I get depressed, I say it out loud. everyone notices.
see my previous posts, check with my friends!

When I talk, I am not depressed, the only thing I'm doing is NOT bottle it up inside.

Iraq: what is to like? Not the people, Not the land, just the spirit, yeah that's it.


why I hate Iraq?

I've fought with robbers, kidnapped, held with a 9mm inches from my face and threatened by various pains TWICE, I've been robbed, house, money, car, personal belongings, you name it.

still I smile.

ask my friends, they'll confirm each and every word.

I've seen three wars and a revolution. Enough. I am over this HEAP for good.
If you like Iraq, Iraq the land, the people, keep them, they're all yours, I'll even give you a kiss on top of them.

just let me keep Iraq the spirit. the only thing that didnt hurt me here.

so whatever personal dillemas I face now, I've been through worse before. I am always trying to cheer others up!

or so I hope.

so don't come here with your oh so holier-than-thou tougher-than-thou act.

"That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger"


Sorry if I offended you.

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