7 things... ah.

I think I made one of these thingies before, since I don't have anything interesting to write, (yes bill, I've been to college, but the internet there is worse than here.. ask the Kid, he'll verify! sorry! wait on me some more yet?)

more about college later!

I got tagged by Haneen, and I dont think I'm gonna inflict this on anyone, the willing ones are tagged already..however, I'll add a bonus three items each:

Here's my 7's:

Seven Things I plan to Do: (Un-ordered)
1. Finish my MSc. with flying colors.
2. Apply for an assistantship somewhere abroad.
3. Get a Kyokushinkai Sho-Dan (in english: black-belt).
4. Find a good job.
5. Get married!
6. Learn a couple more programming languages (Delphi, Oracle, .NET)
7. Be a good son, friend, and lover.

8. visit Japan.
9. lose some more weight.
10.Do 90 knuckle pushups (I'm at 60 now)

Seven Things I Can Do:
1. Stay awake for 33+ hours.
2. Do a round-house kick (non-english: Yoshiro Uro-Mawashi Geri Jodan)
3. Cheer people up.
4. Chew a beetle! (did that once as a bet..do NOT try it at home)
5. Sketch, draw, doodle, and very good at that.
6. play guitar.
7. Sleep anytime, anywhere.

8. Do a 180degree ground split.
9. Stay 24 hours without food.
10.Withstand huge amounts of physical pain. (I once broke my left foot toe but didnt mind it, kept walking on it till it healed on its own)

Seven Things I can't do:
1. Politics. (Get too angry)
2. Make friends quickly (I'm an acquired habit)
3. Blog constantly.
4. Sing.
5. Read sheet music.
6. Pick a fight.
7. keep my room tidy.

8. Do a ground roll.
9. Keep things in my mind for too long.
10.read, write, or speak japanese. :'(

Seven things I say most often:
1. Ha? Minoo? Shako? Wen? Shinoo? (= Huh? Who? What's up? Where? What? in the middle of conversations, friends call it my "Reboot")
2. Shaggagi,Abbi,Funnesi (= Cool in Arabic, or so I say)
3. Anywayz, Gotta run.. (to end conversations)
4. Yahya al Iraq al Atheem (Hail the Great Iraq, when I see something bad)
5. Lak Ha! (when seeing someone I know)
6. Grrreaaaat. (when electricity is cut)
7. Come on.

8. La balla! (in disbelief)
9. Inchab! (shut-up!)
10.Ahoo! (when borrrrred)

Like I said, I'm not inflicting this on anyone else.. sorry..

c ya round, salam!
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