Wha? I'm still here?

End of the month is close, so close, and I'm still here.
Beginning of the new semester is close too.. (not that it would apply to me, I took the last exams of my life last april!) and I'm still here.

why am I still here?
cuz, like thousands of other Iraqis, My parents live here now.
they do, not I.
I'm staying temporarily in my grandparents' house.. and damn it gets lonely there.
and accordingly, I stay here until THEY (grandparents) decide to go back to Iraq.

plannin' of returning here for the new year, I might just might be able to do that..

Winter's comin' too.
You know what I like about winter? Its cold.
oh and the smell of earth just after it rains.

I love it when it rains in the evenings, trees dripping, ground is wet, there is light but you can't see the sun.. heavy dark clouds in the sky..
I remember back in my 1st year of college (freshman year) when my schedule (computer labs and engineering drawing mainly) kept me in college till 6 or even sometimes 7 o'clock.. the atmosphere was incredible.. walking back home, sky's cryin' her guts out, and that sense of accomplishment you have when u know u're the first to complete ur lab assignment..

damn good!

the holy month of Ramadhan is near, I've written about it last year, and since nothing's changed (for the better anyhow) I just don't feel You'd need another whiny post about our friendly neighborhood terrorists.

oh, almost forgot, have I told you that I went and saw Khalid Jarrar recently? yeah, I wanted to meet him a long time ago.. I did correspond with his brother Majid, but that was waaaaay back in 2002 before the war..
Nice guy, treated me to a frappaccino.. I'm plannin on meeting him a second time before I go back.. believe it or not, he is not a jihadi/freak/monster, no, he's just a regular joe like me or you. he's got two arms, two legs, and a big heart that's breaking over what's happening to his home..

A friend of mine (the 'Kid) is coming here today, staying for a few days. He wanted me to return with him, I doubt I can wait that long.. but then again, why not? it all depends on the expenses.

oh, and I got the last (probably) batch of music cds for this trip..
great bunch, great variety, I esp. like Somewhere to Elsewhere by Kansas.. great stuff.

oh and a MILLION thanks, Bill, for the great music, both Yours and Coco's!

here's a list of my last bunch here, if you'd like a complete list of all cds i got this trip tell me pls!

kansas - somewhere to elsewhere
michael angelo - Planet Gemini
whitesnake - Restless heart
kingdom come - Bad Image
cem kocksal - set me free
joe pass - guitar virtuoso (2 cds of 4) -GREAT!-
lynyrd skynyrd - All time greatest hits
dreamtheater - cover of WHOLE album of iron maiden's number of the beast
tesla - mechanical resonance

and hey, those are copies i made from a friend, so yeah, they're pirated and all that, but still great value for money! ;)

i got a few more.. thinking of putting ALL i have on a list and puttin it here somewhere..

oh and 'Houri:

about the aliases thingy, pls wait a bitty? its got to do with our collective-paranoia, but there are a few more reasons! wait pls?

thank you all, cheers, and then some!
(there was a point to this post, but I lost it somewhere..)
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