God have mercy.

I am late as usual.. I do not have excuses this time. I was just late.

God have mercy on us all. When I was just thinking to write a post about the tragedy in Beslan last year, We had a tragedy ourselves back home, hundreds killed in a stampede on a barricaded bridge, and as a thrid strike, Katrina stormed in.

I've been following the news these last few days... shocking images of death and destruction, families disbanded, buildings destroyed, rampant crime in the absence of law.. eerily similar to what happened back home.

My heart is with everyone hurt by Katrina. Believe me when I say I know what they are going through.

While disaster does not differentiate.. we continue to do so again and again..

Two days after the bridge incident, a debate was sprung back home over what -or who- caused it.

Some people are accusing Sunnis
(Sunni vs. Shia, like them old Spy vs. Spy cartoons but less entertaining)

Some people are accusing U.S. Forces
(naturally -xenophobes, anyone?-)

and Some people are even accusing Shia's themselves..
(Badr Militias vs. Mahdi Army , Abdulaziz el Hakim & Muqtada "Firebrand" Sadr.. they DID have a scuffle coupla days before the incident, the "burn the SCIRI office, kill the Militias" kind..)


The incident happened on Al-A'ima Bridge which connects the Sunni district of A'adhamiya (you might have heard of it, lots of boom booms in there) and the Shia district of Kadhimiya, and while our glorious INGs were standing doing nothing (They even fired above the already frightened, rampaging crowds to disperse them) dozens of Sunni men rushed and jumped off the bridge to try to bring some people to safety.. many of them drowned in the process.


If you want to find out (or at least believe you found out) there are plenty of bloggers all over the place whom are more than willing to share their priceless political analyses with anyone with half a mind to listen.

but before you go look them up, join me please, let us pray for yesteryear's children and today's men and women.

Talks of civil war back home. God have mercy on us all.

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