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nothing much to do.. before, i had three days of the week reserved for training, karate training.. its more of a thing to keep my mind off things than something to consider facing armed kidnappers with, still, it gives u great health and better confidence.

started out in baghdad last year, enrolled with a two of my best friends in a Kyokushin dojo for the hell of it, and it kinda stuck on me. Since I have a nasty habit of moving to jordan every holiday, i wasnt able to test beyond the orange belt.. only one of my friends did. the other quit after a month.

In any case, my Sempai (Teacher, Mentor, what have you) there left us to go teach in Sweden, and I was left standing with my belt in my hand.

Enter: Jordan. I came here looking for some decent Kyokushin dojos but alas, turns out there's some sorta ban on it here, what with it being full-contact and unsportmanshiplike and all that crap.. oh well, so I decided to start over, this time, Shotokan, just to preserve my skills and health.
Thanks to the toughness of Kyokushin and the excellence of my Sempai back home, I progressed thru it like greased lightning.. Sadly, I would have needed at least two more months before I could get a Dan (Blackbelt) ranking. hm. maybe on new-year. (If I could come.. I hope I can)

ALSO: at the same time, I enrolled in two more classes, Nunchaku and an Aikido/Jujitsu-based form.. Now u see why I was groaning and moaning about my twisted ankle and bones and stuff like that.

(a pic of my worn-out chucks -my second pair, the first was REALLY wornout!- with my watch and mug of tea to verify the claim.. oh and my IR device is there in background -transfer of files between pc and cellphone-)

ah well, my sweet time here is almost over, I bid my dojo friends here farewell, and once more I am a good for nothing lazy-@$$ with nothing to do.


an afterthought: In Kyokushin, I earned the white belt (it is earned, not given) and I feel I deserve the orange and blue even if I didnt test for them. I would certainly pass them if I took them now.
the belt system goes: white-orange-blue-yellow-green-brown-black and you have to TEST for white.

in Shotokan, I obviously got blue and ready to test for brown..
here the colors are: white-yellow-orange-green-blue-brown-black. and you wear a white belt without testing. too easy.

(The other classes were unrated cuz they're kinda sorta illegal here.. to teach and practice)

oh and btw: this was the thing I ranted about earlier, how my friend went and did it without and all that.. cant find the link now, will do so soon..I just didnt have guts to talk bout it then cuz I felt (and still do btw) that I havent reached a good level.

Martial Arts are a great way of boosting ur health, overcoming confidence issues, and gaining better harmony with all the crap that's going on in the world..
They taught me to respect others and most importantly, myself.

I have a few other things that I do but keep to myself.. no, ur wayyy off the mark there! filthy minded! maybe I'll share them with u in due time.. till that, cheerios, friends, and goodnight!
(morning, rather!)

oh does any1 have "My Sharona" for the Knack? U know? I wanted to "acquire" it but all i found was a cover version.. I want the original one. if anyone has it or knows where to "get" it from, I would be grateful.. u got my email there!



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