Bless his soul.

Othman Ali Abdul-Hafedh al-Obaidy.

An ordinary 18-yr old iraqi kid, getting prepped for his final exams.. a kid from a poor family living in a low income suburb of A'adhamiyah.
The ONLY son and bread-provider for his sisters and mother.
Hails from a deeply religious family, not the do-it-urself religion you hear and see these days, no, the kind of religion which states in BOLD UNDERLINES that we are ALL worshippers to the same God, we are one.

an ordinary kid like a million others like him, but with one difference.
He's a HERO.

this Hero is not someone you get on tv, shooting, killing and blowing the bad guys' nuts away and finally rescuing Paris Hilton from the jaws of doom.

He's a MARTYR.

not the kind you smell a mile away, loaded with TNT to the teeth, seeking to "have lunch with our prophet in heaven" by blowing up other human beings.


He gave his life trying to save pilgirms to the Imam Musa al-Kadhum's shrine during the stampede when many were pushed off the bridge, those who could swim to safety, did, but many women and children could not.
he managed to save 7 people out to safety, before finally a combination of fatigue and strong undercurrents got the best of him, while he was trying to save the next person.

Yesterday I saw an interview with his mother on TV.
God bless this woman.
She was smiling, praying for her son, and she said:

"At first, We were devastated, but when the news came, we were honored that Othman gave his life the way he did, to help his brothers and sisters, God bless his soul, and grant him entry into the eternal heavens."

Now that, is Heroism for us.

Who'da thunk that in the age of Jocelyne Wildenstein, we will find something like this?

I hope that by his sacrifice, Othman can save us from sectarian war, make people realize that under all the colors, robes, words, we are one.

this is a poorly planned post, i didnt have time to think it through. forgive me.
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