And another thing:

Its been a good run here, me actually being able to post every couple of days or so.. nice to have electricity and a stable phone line.

but everything, alas, comes to an end.

I didnt think when I came here two months ago that I would stay that long, maybe for two-three weeks and that's that.
the reason being: I HATE IT HERE!

now I'm not one of those expatriates that go awww and ahhh whenever our GLORIOUS homeland is mentioned.. hell no. I hate it there more than I do here!

the only thing that makes me like that horrid place is that I still have a hopeless dream that it will return to what it was someday, a place I am proud to live in, a place I am proud to belong to..

oh and my friends are there too.

its boring here, you can visit all the fun places in this city on a bicycle in three days.
dont bother trying to mingle with the population.. once they know ur from Iraq they go Ewww and hold their noses.. I swear I just took a shower.

anyway, point is, soon I have to return there, talking like next week.. sometime in the early 20s of september.

I still have one year of college to go thru, after that, who knows?
went to the AMidEast offices yesterday, told me they had an advising session next monday.. will go there, maybe I have a chance, who knows?

a series of explosions rocked baghdad yesterday. wont talk more about it cuz i'm sick and tired.

one major foul up though is the labeling:

Foreign and even Arab media label the bombings as a retribution from SUNNI terrorist Zarqawi for the destruction of the SUNNI town of Tal a'afar.


first of all, Zarqawi is NOT Sunni, he is "Salafi" or "Wahabi" which is an extreme sect of Islam, neither Sunni nor Shi'i.

Think a fundemental Yosemite Sam.

second: Tal a'afar is NOT a SUNNI town, it has a Shi'a-Turkomani Majority. and a few dozen brainwashed mad bombers in their midst.

Mass Media Fools.

will talk about my return to Eden later.


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