Pull me under, I'm NOT afraid.

This post is stolen from The Kid's mind.

Want to know a bit about me?

I wasn’t always the mild-mannered dork my friends know now.
There was a time when I almost lost everything I cared about. Lost my sanity, my friends, my College, my life.

Read on.

Oh when I was but a kid… what were the single most life-shaping experience I had?

Listening to the King.

Not King Cole, Not Larry King, Not even King Kong.

The King of Pop.

Now u gotta hand it to him (and they almost did in his last trial :p) the guy has talent..

Many of them in fact.

My brain, as small and shrivelled it was (like its any different now) could not comprehend the entity that landed upon Iraq in the late 80's- early 90's..

Michael Jackson was my first serious foray into the world of "Foreign" music.. I mean I was introduced to the works of Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Beethoven and co. at the age of 6 or 7 I guess, but I never took them too seriously, thanx to a certain episode of Bugs Bunny cartoons, to me they were either a bunch of fat old guys with strange wigs or skinny boys wearing tights jumping around on their toes.. not interesting at all.

So, the first clash with my parents occurred, about how I think Mozart is a ninny fart, and how Michael Jackson will single-handedly lead us to the promised land.

Thank God I didn’t meet Mike in person at that time, I would have been on TV now.. ;p oh wait.. WHY DIDN'T I MEET HIM AT THAT TIME? >:p

From St. Mike I progressed to all kinds of tarty personas, each in his own time holding the torch to lead me thru the darkness, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., EminEm, Boyzone and many other names I cringe to write..

I had a life-changing experience in the 90's which lasted a year and a half, I emerged different, dark, psychopathic.

Kept stealing knives and hiding them, fighting everyone, trying to hurt others and myself, doing stupid dangerous s*it. (although never thinking about suicide cuz maybe I didn’t have the balls)
I was on the edge of sanity.

That naturally shifted me towards other kinds of music, stuff that doesn’t have love and paint the world pink. And I found MetallicA.
A new age began for me:
MetallicA, Megadeth, Pantera, and many others, much later came Nirvana, Alanis Morisette, Garbage, this pattern became steady.. this went on till '00.

Then another cataclysm happened, driving me further into rapid descent.
I was entering my second college year at the time, a bad time for losing your sanity, one might say.
One of the most dangerous things in the world happened to me:
I befriended some guys on a path of self destruction, albeit more successful in it than I ever was.

I lost my faith in the Creator, started thinking seriously about suicide, and got depressed more and more and then some.

Gradually, the darker stuff came, Slayer, Merciful Fate, Septic Flesh, Morbid Angel, Samael.. down down down.. you get the drift.

scratching my arms with pins, needles, knives, painting occult stuff, writing blasphemies, you know, the sort of things I'll regret for the rest of my life.. thank God I didn’t have access to illegal substances, but I managed to pick up a nasty habit, one I'm still trying to get rid of, smoking.

Then along came an Angel, a beautiful Angel with broken wings.

And as I was helping the Angel out, she touched me, and I woke up. Just like that.

I saw the light again. Saw thru all the s*it I was buried in, the foolishness and idiocy of darkness…

I was purged.

Sadly, my "friends" are still where I left them, dancing to death and destruction, calling me a fool cuz "I sold out on the true path and turned into a faggot"..

Thank you, dear friends, I do not need your path, nor ANYONE's path.

From now on I tread my own.

Here are those events in chronological order:

1982: The world is blessed with my arrival
1987: I listen to Swan Lake for the first time
1990: Enter Michael Jackson
1995: The King is dethroned. Boy (and Girl) bands are in town
1996: 2Pac- Puff Daddy- Biggie Smalls
1998: MetallicA MetallicA MetallicA
2000: Despair. Destruction. Pain.
2003: I am cured.

So you see, I'm still a kid with soooo many faults and weaknesses I cant name them all, but this I know:

I am strong enough to face my fears, and send them all packing.

The future? Let's worry about that when it comes.

Till later.

oh and the title links to the song.. right-click, save as.

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