Its settled:

Ahhhh... Thank you God...

My life is a little ittle bit more clear now..

this just in:

the department heads (in my college back home) came out of session with an APPROVED list of MSc. projects for execution during this coming year, MINE was among them!

Its not a big deal, right?


let me explain:

In Iraq NOTHING is certain, so even when you agree with a professor to supervise your project, and put in writing the name of the project and its details and a plan of operation, it STILL could be cancelled if the esteemed head of the department did not like you, the professor, or your project name. or he simply was in a bad mood from fighting with the missus that morning..

in any case, i was taking my chances walking the tightrope and hoping for the best, when, Voila! the best DID happen!

My project was put on the MSc 2005-2006 project list...

Now I gotta start figuring out excuses to present to my professor when I dont measure up!


oh and its title is "Object Identification and Tracking" ...

Thank you God..


ps. just saw Saint of Fort Washington, touching, very good movie..
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