Here we go:

Well ladies and gentlemen, its been a year now since I first started out on this Blogger thingy..

I've made good friends, learned many things, and really enjoyed my time here..

HEY! that doesnt mean I want to quit or anything! I'm just warming up!

How did I start on Blogger?
I said that waaaaay back somewhere, and I will say it again:


A good friend of mine started his own blog, so, I made one myself!

Then Some! started out as a copy of his blog, for the same reason (share my dementia with the masses).. it even had the same dotty template and all.. oh well.

as you can see from my earlier posts, my writings have degraded from dementia to mere sorry-for-not-posting-earlier stuff.. I hope this coming year it will be a bit better!

From its early days, I tried to avoid anything to do with religion, politics, and sex .. simply because I believe religion is something between a person and his/her creator, no matter the name you use.. and the politics is a dirty dirty thing which I'm fed up with, and have already seen enough of to last me two lifetimes.. and what about the third?
hmm.. maybe I am too young for that!

in any case, I think I've done a good job of avoiding that trio so far, and I will continue to do so this next year God willing.. (so if ur sticking around hoping I'll mellow down and show some womanflesh here, surf away, NOW!)


what should my poor visitors expect this upcoming year:

1. More of the same

and thats about it!

this year I'll try to learn something useful to use in decorating my blog, like javascript or some other useful stuff, I'll post some notes on how my thesis (which I THINK will be Object Tracking and Identification) is going, and rant about some thing or other.. Oh, and I will try to dodge the shells and s*it that's no doubt flying back home as we blog here...

Resolutions for the new Blogger year:

1. Post more (and regularily)
2. write better
3. be more active in current BLOGGER events
4. Post my pic without fear of being identified back home.. (maybe a baby pic of me? hmm.. too silly)

I dont know, anyone with a good suggestion?

me? what do I know? I'm just a fool with a mind full of s*it..

Welcome to Then Some! ladies and gentlemen, and Thank You, YOU, ANYONE who ever viewed even a single page of my humble blog.

I thank you again.

and a happy new year!
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