Habits in the Promised Land : Part 2

We (Iraqis) are Cannibals. An Iraqi family watching TV:
An Iraqi artist comes up on Tv, the screen gets blurry from all the spit. Same song is performed by a two-bit 2nd rate arab singer, we lick his shoes. Why do we worship anything that is not of our own? What do others have that we dont?

self-esteem and integrity. that's what they have.

we have the bourtukala.

I dare anyone in the ARAB street today to name 5 nobel prize winners in any field, no one knows. (including my esteemed self. I can name only 3..wwwait i think 4? hmm. shallow.)

back to the subject:
what was the subject anyhow? Oh right the cannibal thingy..

we had a saying here that goes like: "Me and my brother against our cousin, me and my cousin against the stranger" xenophobic bunch i know, but now its become: "Me and the stranger drink our chablis, my cousin's serving it, and my brother's walking the poodle..."

Horrible stuff. Just cause someone came from far far away doesnt mean he should have the jobs, the money, the future, while we "natives" sit eating seeds.. but that, my friends, is the case.

Even if you try (like I did) applying in ARAB countries, you quickly find that having an Arab passport is a No-No, that if two people had similar jobs at the SAME firm, and one of them had a new-zealand passport, he automatically gets FIVE TIMES what the "native" get, why? cuz he's FROM NEWZEALAND! HELLO!


oh and IF you manage to pull a few ropes (all strings are broken from all the pulling) and you land a good enough job, its just a matter of time before you find a bullseye painted on your sweet behind, and every thug in Iraq is either taking pot-shots at you, or running after you trying to ransom a few bucks from your family. and guess what? us local boys are easier to kidnap and conceal. cuz simply no one cares if a couple of them "Eye-Rackies" go missing..

and this is driving me insane. frothing at the mouth.

it is NOT "Eye-Rack" it is "Ie-rack" the "i" as in "Industry"..

lets all try it together: I-r-a-k. I-rak. Iraq. Got it? Good. Finally.

Now someone please point this out to EVERYONE? please?

Oh and by the way, just in case someone asks what it means, it does not refer to a rack or eyes or anything like that AT ALL. it means something akin to "The Big Tent on Mesopotamia" or something close enough anyway.

and if anyone wonders what the "Part 2" bit is about, here is the first part!


too watered down to be a real post, but what the heck.

and Then Some!
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