What is Kyokushin?

People ask me: "what do you practice as a sport?"

I say: "I study Kyokushin"

"What is Kyokushin?"

I do get this question a lot, i do not know how to answer it correctly.
truthfully, there is NO COMPLETE right answer to this:

Before we begin, let me note that i am a mere child student, and although i can pretty much hold my own against someone of equal (and even a bit larger) size, i am not at 10% of the level i want to attain.

now, we return:

literaly, it means: Ultimate Truth.
but literal translation, as we may all know it, does not cover everything..

Kyokushin Kai Kan = "The Society for the Ultimate Truth"

Ultimate truth in fighting, that is.
a general overall picture of the subject matter can be quoted from Wikipedia:

"It is a style of stand-up, full contact karate (more accurately, knockdown karate) founded by Masutatsu Oyama (大山倍達) in 1964. (more accurately, 1953 was the year this art came to life, but the name was adapted in 1964)"

In training and tournaments, No padding is allowed whatsoever, initially, punches and hand-strikes to the face were applicable, now, sadly, they are not allowed in training or tournament fighting.. (though you are encouraged to use them in the street if necessary)
there is, however, a current movement in the kyokushin community to return these methods to the art..

again from wikipedia:

"Many Kyokushin groups throughout the world have chosen to focus their experience around the philosophy of Kyokushin as a method of self-improvement and discipline.
The Kyokushin way teaches its students that the most important aspects of training are not the ability to knock down an opponent. Instead, the person must contemplate the technique and understand that the true meaning of the Kyokushin way is not in violence, but the mastering of oneself.
An important philosophy is never to do what you cannot undo, and never use more violence than is prompted or necessary. Through understanding of this comes the ability to fight on an elite level, but fighting is not the Kyokushin student's overall goal."


hope this explains the core meaning and philosophy of Kyokushin.

sadly, today, Karate in general is getting such a bad reputation because of the current popularity of "freestyle" and grappling arts..

Kyokushin itself is plagued by "Dojo-Politics", after the founder, Oyama Sosai, died in 1994, the big organization split into so many little ones. it breaks my heart.
one day, i hope all schools will return under one roof.

People referred to Mas Oyama's kyokushin karate as kenka karate, meaning "brawling" or "brutal" karate. But Oyama Sosai tells his students

"Baka! Kenka karate ja-nai! Budo karate da!"

translation== "Fool! This is not brawling karate! It's karate as it was in the old days!"

oh, one lasssst thing for gamer-geeks (such as yours truly): it is also the art that heavily inspired the Mishima Fighting style in the TEKKEN series, and Ansatsuken Fighting style (Ryu, Ken) in the StreetFighter series.. Ryu and Sagat's famous fight was even based on true events! :)

Osu! and THEN SOME!
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