of weddings and raddish:

First off, a little prayer to my friend Khalid Jarrar. He was apprehended without charges by Iraqi Intelligence Agents. He is a good man, with a loud voice, and a strong will.

home free, my friend. make it home free.

if you can, please see this. if you can. thank you.

Today I went to a wedding, some friends of ours got their son hitched to his cousin (his mother's side) , Yes, we -Muslims- don't have any sort of taboo against cousin-on-cousin.. in fact, it is encouraged.
Actually, It is not Islam that encourages it, it is our Arab Identity that does:

it was meant to reinforce the tribes from within, and not let the wealth and power of warring tribes in the Arabian Peninsula (Originally, now everywhere) to be dissipated here and there in "foreign" weddings.. "keeping it all in the family"

in fact, as of this moment, it is still tribal creed that the male cousin has power over his female counterpart, and could "book" her for years on end while he gets "ready for marriage" -that is, spend the next few years of his life frequenting brothels to "learn about life" and that sort of stuff-
OR in some cases, the girl is "booked" from birth to her (also infant) cousin.
in both cases, any prospective suitors to the poor girl, even if they are in love, are turned down with nothing but their **** in their hands. tough.

in moderate cases though, the guy is asked beforehand if he has any intentions or desires towards his cousin, so as to shoo away the said suitors.

what am I blabbering about?
I went to a wedding:
I don't like arab weddings very much, all you have is two newly-weds boiling red from shyness, their families smirking at each other and showing off as hard as they could while:

a. ALL the old f*rts are busy stuffing their faces with food and cake as hard as they could, and

b. ALL the -single- young f*rts checking each other out as hard as they could.

I sat on the table nearest the door, just in case someone came with a purse to put money in for the newly-weds (another custom) and decided to stuff my face since checking out any girl there would get me into serious trouble.
I looked at the entree stuff they put in front of me, and what do I find?


of all things. RADDISH.

at a WEDDING for God's sake. RADDISH.
My stomach was screaming like a bat out of hell, so I took a piece and started chewing on it.
BAAAD move.

an hour from the wedding and I'm still burping and my breath stinks of raddish.
imagine what happened to the groom when i kissed him (Arab males kiss.. check Slurping)

Oh the poor guy.

I still can't get it. Raddish?

anyway. will write more bout that stuff later. have to go wash my mouth with some toilet cleaner, I doubt anything else can remove the odors.

wish me luck.

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