Foot in mouth:

Well not actually IN mouth, not in the vicinity of mouth at all, but if i could chew off my left ankle now i would've done it in a blink of an eye..

I've had chronic pain there since i twisted it a month ago playing sports and stuff..
Why don't I c a chiropractor or something u say?

I have a relative who's a doctor, WAS a doctor, bone-surgeon actually, and he's worse than a hypochondriac with flu.. if he knows I'm hurting all this time, he would forbid me from sport, running, or even walking for at least six months, all the while prescribing half of the pain-killer supplies in Jordan to "treat" my ankle.. I know what I'm talking about, I've had experience(S) with him before!

In any case, why do doctors become like this? In arabic we call it "WISSWASS".. the english word escapes me at the moment..

Listening to SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughn for the uninitiated) and all I can say is WHOA!

tried DreamTheater's Octavarium, and John Petrucci's Suspended Animation, also did a little time on King Diamond's Abigail II (although I HATE this Black-Metal crap.. so fake) I liked them ALL!
most to least in that order!

will come back later (will try to anyway), texting my Rose now, so if u'll excuse me! ;)
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