Another day:

Been a long time.. I know.
haven't been feeling too good lately.

well, what's happening? (as one of my friends always likes to say!)

nothing much, bored to hell.
stuck in Jordan with no friends, and each time I try to make new ones, I can't cuz I'm "one of those barbarians from Iraq....ewww".
oh well.

worse than that, some of the people who said so to me ARE IRAQI!!!
you live and learn.

news from home:

I got a petition request on Email from an M.D. (Dr. X) saying that all M.D.'s in Iraq want to go on strike and so on an so forth, and they've already collected about 2500 signatures (70% of Iraqi M.D.'s) and they want my help spreading the word around..


I got news for you (and Dr. X) : strike or no strike, the Iraqi M.D.'s strike will have the same weight as jack and s*it, and jack just left town.

they forget that the ONLY people getting hurt by this idiotic notion are the poor "have-less-than-nothing's" who rely on Iraq's semi-free Medical system (yes believe it or not) to survive.

the well-doers can get their meds from Jordan or Syria or even the 'States!

ah. another day, another idiot to laugh on.

news on another front:

I went out yesterday with a couple of friends (girls i know from College) around town, had my share of fun, rediscovered how much fun a game of air hockey can be.

I said CAN BE and not IS for a very specific reason.

the reason is I miss MY girl.

a specific Angel who through reasons unknown to me, was content with me and has the patience and endurance required to deal with a walking disaster such as my great self.

I couldn't travel to where she is this summer, and she couldn't come.

I've been promising her all year long that I'll be coming over.
just couldnt make it.

some stand-up guy I turned out to be, right?

oh well.

In any case, sorry for taking so much of your time, thanx for dropping by.

I'll be back.
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