Funny one this Kid:

Ladyeeeeeeees and Gentlesorts: please feel free to welcome (or not) the newest Kid on the Block, the Konfused Kollege Kid...

another 20something Iraqi filled to the gills with the crap we face everyday and wanting to spill it out bad..

pls if u can, go give him some hits on his visit-counter, give him some time, you will like what he has to say!

Cheers Kid.. Blog on!

Foot in mouth:

Well not actually IN mouth, not in the vicinity of mouth at all, but if i could chew off my left ankle now i would've done it in a blink of an eye..

I've had chronic pain there since i twisted it a month ago playing sports and stuff..
Why don't I c a chiropractor or something u say?

I have a relative who's a doctor, WAS a doctor, bone-surgeon actually, and he's worse than a hypochondriac with flu.. if he knows I'm hurting all this time, he would forbid me from sport, running, or even walking for at least six months, all the while prescribing half of the pain-killer supplies in Jordan to "treat" my ankle.. I know what I'm talking about, I've had experience(S) with him before!

In any case, why do doctors become like this? In arabic we call it "WISSWASS".. the english word escapes me at the moment..

Listening to SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughn for the uninitiated) and all I can say is WHOA!

tried DreamTheater's Octavarium, and John Petrucci's Suspended Animation, also did a little time on King Diamond's Abigail II (although I HATE this Black-Metal crap.. so fake) I liked them ALL!
most to least in that order!

will come back later (will try to anyway), texting my Rose now, so if u'll excuse me! ;)

What is Kyokushin?

People ask me: "what do you practice as a sport?"

I say: "I study Kyokushin"

"What is Kyokushin?"

I do get this question a lot, i do not know how to answer it correctly.
truthfully, there is NO COMPLETE right answer to this:

Before we begin, let me note that i am a mere child student, and although i can pretty much hold my own against someone of equal (and even a bit larger) size, i am not at 10% of the level i want to attain.

now, we return:

literaly, it means: Ultimate Truth.
but literal translation, as we may all know it, does not cover everything..

Kyokushin Kai Kan = "The Society for the Ultimate Truth"

Ultimate truth in fighting, that is.
a general overall picture of the subject matter can be quoted from Wikipedia:

"It is a style of stand-up, full contact karate (more accurately, knockdown karate) founded by Masutatsu Oyama (大山倍達) in 1964. (more accurately, 1953 was the year this art came to life, but the name was adapted in 1964)"

In training and tournaments, No padding is allowed whatsoever, initially, punches and hand-strikes to the face were applicable, now, sadly, they are not allowed in training or tournament fighting.. (though you are encouraged to use them in the street if necessary)
there is, however, a current movement in the kyokushin community to return these methods to the art..

again from wikipedia:

"Many Kyokushin groups throughout the world have chosen to focus their experience around the philosophy of Kyokushin as a method of self-improvement and discipline.
The Kyokushin way teaches its students that the most important aspects of training are not the ability to knock down an opponent. Instead, the person must contemplate the technique and understand that the true meaning of the Kyokushin way is not in violence, but the mastering of oneself.
An important philosophy is never to do what you cannot undo, and never use more violence than is prompted or necessary. Through understanding of this comes the ability to fight on an elite level, but fighting is not the Kyokushin student's overall goal."


hope this explains the core meaning and philosophy of Kyokushin.

sadly, today, Karate in general is getting such a bad reputation because of the current popularity of "freestyle" and grappling arts..

Kyokushin itself is plagued by "Dojo-Politics", after the founder, Oyama Sosai, died in 1994, the big organization split into so many little ones. it breaks my heart.
one day, i hope all schools will return under one roof.

People referred to Mas Oyama's kyokushin karate as kenka karate, meaning "brawling" or "brutal" karate. But Oyama Sosai tells his students

"Baka! Kenka karate ja-nai! Budo karate da!"

translation== "Fool! This is not brawling karate! It's karate as it was in the old days!"

oh, one lasssst thing for gamer-geeks (such as yours truly): it is also the art that heavily inspired the Mishima Fighting style in the TEKKEN series, and Ansatsuken Fighting style (Ryu, Ken) in the StreetFighter series.. Ryu and Sagat's famous fight was even based on true events! :)

Osu! and THEN SOME!

He's out!

Thank God, He's free and he's out!
Sorry for being so late, but havent been online since Friday or something..

of weddings and raddish:

First off, a little prayer to my friend Khalid Jarrar. He was apprehended without charges by Iraqi Intelligence Agents. He is a good man, with a loud voice, and a strong will.

home free, my friend. make it home free.

if you can, please see this. if you can. thank you.

Today I went to a wedding, some friends of ours got their son hitched to his cousin (his mother's side) , Yes, we -Muslims- don't have any sort of taboo against cousin-on-cousin.. in fact, it is encouraged.
Actually, It is not Islam that encourages it, it is our Arab Identity that does:

it was meant to reinforce the tribes from within, and not let the wealth and power of warring tribes in the Arabian Peninsula (Originally, now everywhere) to be dissipated here and there in "foreign" weddings.. "keeping it all in the family"

in fact, as of this moment, it is still tribal creed that the male cousin has power over his female counterpart, and could "book" her for years on end while he gets "ready for marriage" -that is, spend the next few years of his life frequenting brothels to "learn about life" and that sort of stuff-
OR in some cases, the girl is "booked" from birth to her (also infant) cousin.
in both cases, any prospective suitors to the poor girl, even if they are in love, are turned down with nothing but their **** in their hands. tough.

in moderate cases though, the guy is asked beforehand if he has any intentions or desires towards his cousin, so as to shoo away the said suitors.

what am I blabbering about?
I went to a wedding:
I don't like arab weddings very much, all you have is two newly-weds boiling red from shyness, their families smirking at each other and showing off as hard as they could while:

a. ALL the old f*rts are busy stuffing their faces with food and cake as hard as they could, and

b. ALL the -single- young f*rts checking each other out as hard as they could.

I sat on the table nearest the door, just in case someone came with a purse to put money in for the newly-weds (another custom) and decided to stuff my face since checking out any girl there would get me into serious trouble.
I looked at the entree stuff they put in front of me, and what do I find?


of all things. RADDISH.

at a WEDDING for God's sake. RADDISH.
My stomach was screaming like a bat out of hell, so I took a piece and started chewing on it.
BAAAD move.

an hour from the wedding and I'm still burping and my breath stinks of raddish.
imagine what happened to the groom when i kissed him (Arab males kiss.. check Slurping)

Oh the poor guy.

I still can't get it. Raddish?

anyway. will write more bout that stuff later. have to go wash my mouth with some toilet cleaner, I doubt anything else can remove the odors.

wish me luck.


check it out over at IraqiBlogCount then at Raed's

this is why Iraqi bloggers should post under an alias (I have long removed my pic from the site, further more, no personal info and such are posted, except that sms invite, and i've removed that as well!)

this is why I can't wait for the day I finally leave Iraq.

this is why I NEVER save ANYTHING of any importance on my hard-drives.

this is what you don't hear or see on tv.

cheer up. it is a "free" Iraq after all. at least they heard from him.

so long.

Another day:

Been a long time.. I know.
haven't been feeling too good lately.

well, what's happening? (as one of my friends always likes to say!)

nothing much, bored to hell.
stuck in Jordan with no friends, and each time I try to make new ones, I can't cuz I'm "one of those barbarians from Iraq....ewww".
oh well.

worse than that, some of the people who said so to me ARE IRAQI!!!
you live and learn.

news from home:

I got a petition request on Email from an M.D. (Dr. X) saying that all M.D.'s in Iraq want to go on strike and so on an so forth, and they've already collected about 2500 signatures (70% of Iraqi M.D.'s) and they want my help spreading the word around..


I got news for you (and Dr. X) : strike or no strike, the Iraqi M.D.'s strike will have the same weight as jack and s*it, and jack just left town.

they forget that the ONLY people getting hurt by this idiotic notion are the poor "have-less-than-nothing's" who rely on Iraq's semi-free Medical system (yes believe it or not) to survive.

the well-doers can get their meds from Jordan or Syria or even the 'States!

ah. another day, another idiot to laugh on.

news on another front:

I went out yesterday with a couple of friends (girls i know from College) around town, had my share of fun, rediscovered how much fun a game of air hockey can be.

I said CAN BE and not IS for a very specific reason.

the reason is I miss MY girl.

a specific Angel who through reasons unknown to me, was content with me and has the patience and endurance required to deal with a walking disaster such as my great self.

I couldn't travel to where she is this summer, and she couldn't come.

I've been promising her all year long that I'll be coming over.
just couldnt make it.

some stand-up guy I turned out to be, right?

oh well.

In any case, sorry for taking so much of your time, thanx for dropping by.

I'll be back.