An apology is due:

this is not another "sorry my site sucks" post like the last one, this is a bona-fide apology directed to a good friend on whose foot i unknowingly stepped on!

I meant no offence or anything remotely resembling that by my reference to you, Najma, what I meant, but failed to convey, is that you, with all the stuff and hardships you have to go thru (studying for your final year) and the stuff happening in Mosul, the electricity and a million other good reasons, despite all of this, somehow you still find time and effort not only to entertain us with your posts, but also update the look of your site, making sure that your visitors will get their time's worth, both visually and mentally (reading your posts... dont have a description for it! hehe!)

so again, I apologise to you, dear friend, thank you for keeping up!

I didnt mean to single you out, or more accurately, I meant to single you out as an example of how a scrupulous ideal blogger should be like, at least from my prespective!

Keep up the good work, you will do just fine next year!

and uhhh.. p.s.: Rose, please please please do not rip my head off! I know I know! and You know!
and sorry for my stupidity last night, its only I never let go of anything once its on my mind..
>:D< and we text tonight!

(if you didnt understand the last paragraph, then you are definitely not my Rose!)
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