just trying out the new pic-posting technique. neat huh?
how's my new look?

will post again soon i promise.


yes i know its cheerier (more cheery?) this way and somehow writing about what a pile of steaming s*it Iraq is turning into, in such a cheery bright environment, is NOT psychologically suitable.

seems that i will stop nagging.


anyway, looky here, if I like it, I'll keep it, if YOU like it, Good, if YOU don't.. well.. I'll change it!


c ya and THEN SOME!
(off to get my butt kicked off.. decided to join a full-contact club while I'm here cuz i don't wanna rust.. that is if I'm not rusty already.)

An apology is due:

this is not another "sorry my site sucks" post like the last one, this is a bona-fide apology directed to a good friend on whose foot i unknowingly stepped on!

I meant no offence or anything remotely resembling that by my reference to you, Najma, what I meant, but failed to convey, is that you, with all the stuff and hardships you have to go thru (studying for your final year) and the stuff happening in Mosul, the electricity and a million other good reasons, despite all of this, somehow you still find time and effort not only to entertain us with your posts, but also update the look of your site, making sure that your visitors will get their time's worth, both visually and mentally (reading your posts... dont have a description for it! hehe!)

so again, I apologise to you, dear friend, thank you for keeping up!

I didnt mean to single you out, or more accurately, I meant to single you out as an example of how a scrupulous ideal blogger should be like, at least from my prespective!

Keep up the good work, you will do just fine next year!

and uhhh.. p.s.: Rose, please please please do not rip my head off! I know I know! and You know!
and sorry for my stupidity last night, its only I never let go of anything once its on my mind..
>:D< and we text tonight!

(if you didnt understand the last paragraph, then you are definitely not my Rose!)


People people I'm so sorry.

my post looks like @$$. and one of the sagging Xtreme-Makeover needing types.

I will do something bout it soon I promise.
just let me sort my stuff out first.

EVEN NAJMA changed her banner! ARGH! i need change. Pronto.

I'll be back and then some.



I passed!

flying colors and all that too!

ahhh. i can take the burden off my shoulders now.. oh i am so relieved..

(I'm in Jordan since yesterday by the by... sorry had no time to write about it before)


ONE YEAR REMAINING! I DON'T HAVE ANY MORE EXAMS IN MY LIFE! (Unless I sign up for a PhD. or something like that, which won't happen anytime soon, I NEED TO MAKE SOME $$$$ !)
ok gotta run gotta run.

thanx to BluBoi and TheKnight for wiring me the good news via yahoo mail..


I'm outta here!


Episode 564862: A New Post

Long time ago in a galaxy far far away..

Anyway, what can I do with my vay-kay?
So far, the usual activities have been accomplished, the playstation is desperately overheating, the electricity is playing hide&seek with me.. cell phone credits running low, no place to run no place to hide..

except the NET.

been coming to college IN MY VACATION cuz they have a DSL network here (2Mb or so THEY say) to download all the crazy stuff i found but couldnt get cuz of its size. (the Iraqi dial-up network's speed is 2Kbps at best, so there!) I spend hours trying to download -*ahem, aquire from a friend, yeah yeah- a SONG!
thing is, with only the monitor screen as my friend, i feel i'm starting to lose my verbal abilities!
ahh. what was that about monitor radiation?

has anybody seen episode 3? i'm dying to see it, i finished the game of the movie yesterday and although the cutscenes blow the plot but i'm still dying to see it. VADER RULES!

Guys -and Gals- believe me I am more mature than this, but right now i dont feel like writing one of those "OH-MY-GOD there's no electricity and the sky is RED cuz of a sandstorm" kind of posts! maybe later when i get something for my allergy. (sinuses are killing me cuz of the aforementioned dust)

so like, whats new here? anybody new? any old visitors still here? sorry if i drove you away with my lack of posting, but i didnt have anyother option, considering this is my last year in college and all that crap.

i'll try to calmly think about a meaningful post at home to post here at a later date..

I have something in mind: one time i read about this girl trying to make it out of her little town (in the states) and into the big city, she was going on about how her town is the armpit of the universe, well, HELLO! at least its not the CROTCH of the universe (aka baghdad city)

Properties of the Crotch:

1. Everybody knows about it and wants to see it, but once they're really there, they cant wait to leave.

2. Its nice from far, but up close and personal you are faced with the steamy smelly situation.

3. no matter how much effort is spent into cleaning it and making it look presentable, it always gets dirty

4. everything inside is on the take, and after they take, they p*ss on you.

5. the crotch thinks it is the MOST important thing in the world.

6. any elected official assigned to govern the crotch will resort to point 4 above.

7. The crotch is an important cross roads for many other organs.

8. all being said and done, the world still won't be the same without the crotch.

forgive my babble, i really need to think of something useful to say. its the dust i say..


quickie post

for all of you anime fans out there check this out!

be back later!



No liabilities, No responsibilities, No strings attached, No.. u get the picture, besides, I'm outta "-ities" to rhyme with.

So what was it like?
some exams were ok and smooth, and some others were designed for the student's misery in mind.. all said and done, i did fairly ok.

anyways, they say results are bound to come out next tuesday.. brrrr.

have to run now, gotta go return the university books.
Y'see here we dont buy the curriculum books, they are loaned by the universities.. cool, but comes with some responsibilities as well.

oh my friggin head i'm wasted. had too much fun last night! (went out with friends had more fun than i've had in the last two years!)

Cheerios and THEN SOME!

oh and thanx for stickin round!